Honestly, a manjaro edition with System 76' Cosmic would be amazing

As the title says, Cosmic is looking very good. A future Manjaro edition using their Gnome based “Cosmic” would be a great match imho.

It’s not compatible with GNOME 40, unfortunately. Once work has begun for 21.10, I’ll see about packaging it.


Yeah, figured that much. Still, a boy can dream right. Maybe somewhere in the future. I still love the tiling and stacking it brings.

Well, there is some progress with the Pop Shell GNOME Shell Extension, at least. It was recently updated with GTK4 support and I’ve updated our package in unstable.


I like the keyboard driven fork of gnome from pop os team. Can we have something similar for manjaro?


Wow, I tried it and its the best gnome experience I have had till date.

It’ll be better as a separate DE spin though.

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Thing is, Cosmic / Pop Shell is not a separate DE, it’s just GNOME heavily customized. All it would require is Pop’s packages and a patched GNOME Control Center as a meta package to install everything that could easily be removed to revert back.

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Not to mention Gnome 3.38.

And considering how smooth 40 is, that would be quite the step backwards. Still Cosmic looks amazing so maybe if all the stars align :grin:


Also, I just found out that they have integrated LVFS into the gnome control center. It would be great once we do have COSMIC in the future to have this also.

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System76 is killing it tbh. Too bad it’s Ubuntu based. I did run Pop for a couple of months and it was really impressive but I missed Manjaro.

Yes, but the patch will only work for System76 hardware. As the article explains, they also have the standalone Firmware Manager (available in the AUR) for other hardware. There’s also GNOME Firmware available in the community repo.

For those who do have System76 hardware, I have gnome-control-center-system76 in the AUR (Manjaro edition here).


There are other downsides of current COSMIC and pop-shell in general. For example, lack of Wayland support. I’ve updated my Ubuntu install to Pop and although I like what I see (they made Gnome usable and kinda pretty) so far, there’s no option to run all this beauty on Wayland as far as I can tell.

But they did a very good work anyway. I am even able to keep Secure Boot enabled and continue using Ubuntu’s grub. Switching graphics works too.

Ubuntu is planning on enabling Wayland for NVIDIA with 21.10, so maybe Pop_OS! 21.10 will add Wayland support.