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What is RecBox:

RecBox is an OpenBox config focused on Audio Recording and daily usage without creating extra user account or installing it on separate partition. If you’ve used “Studio” like operating systems before, you probably know that there are major differences between distributions for daily usage and “Studio” ones. It’s possible to use them as daily driver but it’s not necessarily comfortable when you want to use full potential of Linux as a system for audio engineering. So, RecBox is an attempt to merge both worlds.

Where is the trick?

Technically RecBox is “one cofig” but with help of shell scripts it replaces configuration files and enable/disable needed services between modes (Daily, Studio and Alternative). One of main goals is to keep RecBox lightweight and Studio mode even lighter to maximize performance on laptops and older hardware. From a work point of view (recording, mixing etc) you don’t need all those visual fireworks and other daemonized stuff working in background when you spend 99% of your time in DAW. This is waste of resources imo (when hardware is not speed daemon). But if you like you can enable and add whatever you want or need to your session. There is no restriction here.

From the basics, RecBox is unified with Manjaro Openbox regular version maintained by linux-aarhus, so there are not many differences in work-flow in general. RecBox adds few more gadgets on top, so if you like you can pick what you like and add to existing Openbox installation but it will require scripts modification.

Mouse and keyboard:

RecBox uses both philosophies. Everything what you can do from keyboard, you’re able to do with mouse. It’s not because I want to target both groups. It is a practical aspect. Using mouse while recording is more practical especially when you are one man army. So RecBox is kind a mix of i3 and traditional desktop.

Philosophical aspect:

Goal for RecBox is not to be the best ever made “Studio” like OS. Main idea is to give opportunity for users with older hardware to create more advanced projects and help musicians to save money for better hardware for recording and/or be own music producers. Even if you prefer to leave album production for professionals there are many things you need to learn if you want to save stress for your band mates and yourself.

Last but not least:

  • if you want to make some modifications, but you don’t know where to start check out “How RecBox works” in documentation or Project Wiki

  • in Documentation, you can find links to tutorials and few written by me if you need help

  • also, if you don’t want to drop your desktop environment and like to adopt some tools I’ll be happy to help with adaptation

Old thread you can find in Manjaro archived forum

Color schemes for cmus, ranger, micro, vim and Xed


Currently, installation is possible only by installing RecBox on top of Manjaro Openbox. Details about installation (via install script) can be found here.


I forgot about this, thanks for posting :+1:

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Hi guys, it’s time for monthly Spam.

From last month things changed a bit, mostly visually but there are some small bug fixes and improvements as well. First what you’ll notice is consistent theming and new right click menu made with jgmenu (screenshots in main post are up to date | If somehow links are reverted to old ones, fresh ones you can find here). Obmenu is still available if you don’t like new one. Description of how to change it back is in How Recbox works which is in updating process. I thought I’ll run away from writing for a good time but I didn’t run far.

Because of swapping obmenu to custom jgmenu, part of options was moved to Side Menu and it works same as in Main and Side Menus. Which is very similar to how menu applets work in GNOME. Description how to replace font icons with regular icons can be found in How RecBox worls.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated a bit Bass, Guitar and AVL Drums tutorials plus uploaded bass one on LBRY (preview is only available from browser version).

Bass Guitar Mixing 2020.08 | Miksowanie Gitary Basowej 2020.08

Bass Guitar Mixing 2020.08 | Miksowanie Gitary Basowej 2020.08

It looks like it’s everything for now.
Regards and have a good day :slightly_smiling_face: