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I guess on new forum editing old posts ability for regular users is disabled, so I need help of a good soul with editing first post in Home Studio with RecBox :slight_smile:

New project description:

**What is RecBox**

Previously Openbox config now migrated to XFCE desktop environment for wider audience*, more comfortable work flow** and easer development. RecBox goal is not only to add easier system configuration for audio recording, mixing and mastering but merging both worlds: "Studio" distribution and operating system for daily use unleashing full potential of Linux based operating system for audio engineering.

[details="Wider audience"]
It's not about better popularity for the project, it's for wider popularity of Linux in the musicians world.

[details="Comfortable work flow"]
While I was playing with the window manager I've noticed one thing. Combination of window manager and some parts of desktop environment have own cons, sure it can be trimmed in resources much more than in full desktop environment if you're motivated enough, but you lose some smoothness of GUI applications, and you need to configure things in more archaic way. It's not a biggie for CLI software or even at all, but not everyone likes "power user" kind stuff. So there is a compromise of a few megabytes more.

For big projects, and I mean big projects you'll need more horsepower anyway, and a bare-boned window manager will not help you in this case. You can only move border a bit further which can be done with RecBox tools.

**Where is the trick?**

With Work Flow you have the ability to set separate system configurations for Daily and Studio work, and switch between them by one click. Needed services, autostart and audio configuration can be set in Settings via GUI. Just choose which one you'll need.

Note that your session will be as heavy as you set it. XFCE session is set to give optimal experience, but if you add more fireworks, docks, conky etc RecBox tools will not make CPU and RAM usage magically disappear.

**Philosophical aspect**

RecBox is made not to be the best ever made "Studio" like OS. One of the main ideas is to give opportunity for users with older hardware to create more advanced projects and help musicians to save money for better hardware for recording and/or be own music producers. Even if you prefer to leave album production for professionals there are many things you need to learn if you want to save stress for your bandmates and yourself and made the whole process faster and comfortable for everyone. There is no other way than take business in own hands and learn how things works. Spoiler: "10 things you need to know" videos on YT doesn't help you much.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I made it a wiki post so you can edit it now.


Thanks! :heart_eyes:

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