Grub-customizer package

The grub-customizer package may work in vanilla Arch, but it continues to ruin the Manjaro-specific GRUB configuration, and yet people keep on installing it.

Wouldn’t it be wisest to drop that package from our repos instead? :thinking:


Our repo grub conflicts with it.
I dont mind dropping it as well … but it comes straight from arch repos…


There is a way to block certain packages from syncing from Arch. There are a few that are that won’t work on Manjaro, like reflector for instance. I’m not sure how to do it, but I think the conflict is enough.

As I already mentioned…

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Users wich want use grub-customizer can use grub-vanilla ( Is for now in our repository but honestly i don t see the point to maintain It ) or use grub-git or install archlinux version…

Both, grub-vanilla and grub-git can be currently seen as abandoned, there are unfixed security flaws in these two packages.

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grub-fedora ?

(PS – yes … of course … any unmaintained packages should be taken care of one way or another…)

Why does nobody let the defendant speak? —> presumption of innocence!!!

Niemand fragt den Programmierer??? Nobody asks the programmer ???
No real interest for a “final” clarification / solution - at least this year?!

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Today I had to downgrade the grub package, to be able to continue using the grub-customizer

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Yes, it’s a shame about the program, I liked to use it in Ubuntu earlier (before 2017).

Every time I install new kernel, Manjaro adds duplicates of every item in grub menu, so I end up with 2 Manjaros, 2 Windowses, 2 whatever else there is. Grub customizer allowed me to conviniently remove duplicates and save correct grub menu. So there is a reason I keep it installed.

No, it doesn’t. Grub Customizer did that. See why it’s not recommended, not supported and no longer in our repos?