Grub conflicts with grub-customizer

Someone added grub-customizer to conflics in grub package. Is there any reason to it?

I believe this is an attempt to reduce “grub is broken, unable to boot”-like messages on the forum.
Grub customizer is a known source of malformed grub config in several cases discussed here.
In brief, people willing to tinker with their bootloaders should know exactly what they are doing, and if they do, that means they are skilled enough to install grub customizer using some means other than official repos.
This approach has its drawbacks of course and shouldn’t be applied on other things blindly.

PS: I am not affiliated with Manjaro team and the above is only my thoughts on the question you asked.


I really hope that’s not the case. If someone is messing with grub even with third-party software must know what he’s doing. This package is even provided in archlinux repos. If they want to protect users from themselfes, dont push to stable, in testing branch you take the risks.

Unfortunately it is the case, from what I read in the manjaro telegram group its recommended to use the arch grub if you want to use grub customisation

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Or do your changes inside the /etc/default/grub


grub-customizer is not supported by Manjaro. If you want to use it, you’re on your own. You may use grub-vanilla instead if you insist on using it. Howver, if it breaks something, you will not receive any support here.

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If that were the case they wouldnt need grub-customizer as it adds nothing of value.
And further - would probably know not to use it because of how poorly its made.

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@Yochanan You say grub-customizer is not supported by Manjaro and one may use it, but on his own risk. But why Grub Customizer is then included into Manjaro Hello/ ‘Discover software’ as well as into Manjaro Official Program Sources without any warnings ?

There is a lot of software which has the potential to wreck the system - like all your knives can potentially be a weapon - you don’t throw away knives?


It’s in the Arch community repo, we didn’t put it there. :wink:

hello, so how do you guys change the grub menu order / put some entry in sub folders without grub-customizer ? could find any resource online

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I’m also disappointed by this decision from Manjaro Team.
My grub menu is usually listed as:

  • Manjaro KDE
  • Windows 10
  • Other options for Manjaro

But almost every time I do package upgrade from Manjaro, this list messes up (duplicate entries, wrong titles etc.), so I used to open grub-customizer and restore old layout which works perfectly.
Please reconsider your decision and restore the ability to install grub-customizer without any conflicts.
Thanks and advance and happy New Year!

edit: could anyone please suggest a user-friendly GUI for grub editing?


Just use grub-vanilla and do whatever you want. Manjaro’s grub is heavily customized. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. That’s why grub-vanilla exists.

@cfinnberg so if Manjaro’s grub is heavily customized, is there any user-friendly way to edit its options?

I think you can still use grub-customizer with grub-vanilla. I’m against grub-customizer but you are free to use it

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Well, in my last post I was asking about editing manjaro’s grub in a more friendly way, but I got your idea. Thanks again and happy New Year!

@groosha, just be aware that this package is not up-to-date with regard to security mitigations.

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Yes, it’s true.

I’m wondering what’s the best option right now for those who want to customize their grub or don’t want to use Manjaro’s grub.

I used grub-customizer because the entries were duplicated countless times and the theme was messed up every single time I updated grub.

It’s not

grub-customizer doesn’t just work with grub-vanilla, but it did with grub.

It doesn’t feel right that what I found to fix grub, (because that’s the only motive I had to use grub-cutomizer) it’s just not possible anymore. I find myself having to learn yet another way to fix my grub just because grub-customizer it’s making problems for other people.

What the hell, I know when I mess up with this things something can go wrong, and that’s why we have timeshift, you don’t have to block me out of it.

And I like what comes with grub, I don’t want start from scratch, just an easy way to fix my entries, and that’s all I did with grub-customizer, but now I can’t, and I’m stuck with an endless grub with duplicated entries and a messed up theme, or forced to learn what breaks grub at a lower level (which I think it’s more dangerous than what could grub-customizer do anyway) and start from vanilla or fix my already broken grub.

I don’t understand why would you take responsibility of my grub. If I want to use grub-customizer with grub and not grub-vanilla I should be able to do it, and if I break it I fix it.

I also don’t quite get this…

Yeah sure, if you don’t support grub-customizer, don’t give support for it, but if someone needs help with it and someone can give it, are you gonna block it?


Can you provide evidence for that or is it just your humble opinion?

Yes, this is most likely the best approach if you want to continue to use Manjaro.

Don’t forget you are using a free-of-charge distro and you are still free to do with your grub what you want, but you cannot expect that your personnel needs rule how a distro is maintained. It has be clearly explained why the use of GC poses issues for the majority of users. Take this as a chance to learn an alternative approach and you are welcome to tell your solution the community.

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