Goodix Fingerprint Sensor 53xc : finally working again

Hi there Manjaro users,

a Good News story here:
with today’s latest update for the Manjaro stable branch, it comes with an updates for libusb going from 1.0.25-3 to 1.0.26-1, which is fixing the issue FS#74240. Because of that bug, my Fingerprint sensor has stopped working for the last few months.

So to get my Goodix Fingerprint sensor working, I used the following packages/versions:
Note: Its USB ID is 27c6:533c

libusb							[Installed] 1.0.26-1		core
libfprint-tod-git				[Installed] 1.94.3+tod1-1	AUR
libfprint-2-tod1-xps9300-bin	[Installed] 0.0.6-2			AUR
fprintd							[Installed] 1.94.2-1		extra

Note: libfprint conflicts with libfprint-tod-git : Do NOT install

And I followed instructions from the Arch wiki. Now my Dell XPS 13 (9310) is now fully operational.

Happy end. :tada:

Note that for some , it could be required to downgrade fprintd down to 1.90.6-1.