Gnome-next, testers needed

why is 3/04 release on gnome v 3.38?

Gnome-next wasn’t built today (yet) is all.

ok thanks, did not realize there were separate builds.

Hi All. I just did an installation of Gnome Next on a testing machine and after the first update the graphical environment stopped loading. The error message is similar to the one I attached.

P.s.: I am reading this thread to see if this problem has already been reported.

I’m sorry that I waited a month and a half with an answer, but I couldn’t just upgrade it to the gnome-devel level …
Thisi is an error:

resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
:: gnome-shell-dev and gnome-shell are in conflict. Remove gnome-shell? [y/N] y
:: gjs-dev and gjs are in conflict. Remove gjs? [y/N] y
:: gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev and gsettings-desktop-schemas are in conflict. Remove gsettings-desktop-schemas? [y/N] y
:: libgweather-dev and libgweather are in conflict. Remove libgweather? [y/N] y
:: mutter-dev and mutter are in conflict. Remove mutter? [y/N] y
:: jack2 and jack are in conflict. Remove jack? [y/N] y
:: gnome-desktop-dev and gnome-desktop are in conflict. Remove gnome-desktop? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing gnome-shell breaks dependency ‘gnome-shell>=3.34’ required by gnome-shell-extension-appindicator

How to resolve it and upgrade to Gnome 40 ?


Currently running the 4/6/21 … what a refreshing, pleasant experience of Gnome, GTK4 & Wayland. My install is running on a Thinkpad w/hidpi. Of course because it’s Gnome, I had to enable Wayland scaling, change the display to 150% and switch over to the FF Fedora build to improve clarity on the browser fonts.

The only issue that I’m seeing is w/FF … where the bookmark dropdown box is limited to only the top 50% of the browser window (can scroll up & down) rather than the full 100%.

The install process took less than 2 minutes and the boot-desktop-shutdown performance is noticably improved.


You are confirming, what I described earlier concerning the bookmarks dropdown.

I am using the latest unstable updates and the early adaption of dash-to-dock for gnome 40.

Experienced one gnome-shell crash when trying to move a window to another workspace using the small ones (drag and drop) in the top of the overview.

And the “Close Window Button” in the overview, which appears on hovering the window, is not rendered correctly on any theme (Matcha and Adwaita).

EDIT: fixed width latest version of manjaro-gdm-theme from the unstable repository.

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I installed the ‘gnome-next’ ISO of 25 april. No problem with the installation. I tried the following Gnome extensions for Gnome 40: BigSurStatusArea, block-caribou36, CoverflowAltTab, Dash to Dock (last version from github), Improvedosk, SensorPerception. No errors when they were installed but the ‘Improvedosk’ extension can’t display her own settings. I will test themes (Mojave and WhiteSur) that I found on website. They were made for Gnome40 and gtk4.

Would it be possible to add the BigSurStatusArea extension with the others extensions availables in Gnome Manjaro ? That extension is great. Look here: Big Sur Status Area - GNOME Shell Extensions and here: Big Sur Status Area - GNOME Shell Extensions for informations. It looks like what is made in the last version of MacOSX (look here: macOS — Wikipédia). Note: the first link is the good.


Not possible. It hasn’t been touched since October and it only provides support for GNOME 3.34 & 3.36. We also prefer to only include a minimal set of extensions by default.

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Sorry to say that but you are in the fake. It was taken over recently by Thierry1970 and that extension supports Gnome 3.38 and Gnome 40 now… Here is the github of that extension: GitHub - Ordissimo/Big-Sur-StatusArea: macOS Big Sur "System Tray" look for Gnome Desktop (Master branch = Gnome 3.38; 40rc branch= Gnome 40).

That extension is very usefull.


Hey guys,
What needs to be tested as of today?

I have a working Unstable install with Gnome Next and most (if not all) Manjaro customizations.

Would be glad to step in and provide feedback if needed.

I would say fiddle with extensions and gnome-layout-switcher (Layouts). The main blockers are Dash to Dock and Dash to Panel. They’re almost ready for a release. We have the latest bleeding edge GNOME 40 commits in unstable.

FYI, I just added gnome-shell-extension-vertical-overview and gnome-shell-extension-gnome-ui-tune recently. @Chrysostomus may add them in for future improvements in Layouts.

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Thanks for the info @Yochanan

Updated packages already. I’ll take a look at those features tonight. (I’m at the other side of the pond) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

Might want to change your timezone on your profile then. It says you’re only an hour ahead of me. :wink:

Lol. No mistake. It looks like we’re on the same side. :sweat_smile:

Well, except for me, everyone else on the team is on the other side of the pond. I add a few timezones to my clock so I know how early or late it is over there.

I must say, that right now gnome 40 works a charm for me using wayland on a intel iGPU.
I run the following extensions and for me everything works flawless:


Always Show Workspace Thumnails
Dim On Battery Power
Diesconnect Wifi
Gnome 40 UI Improvements
No Overciew at start-up
Removable Drive Menu
Dash to Panel
KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support
Pamac Updates Indicator
user Themes

So while I became very extension heavy once again they work good together, and for me create a fine workflow in the horizontal plane.

I was able to switch Layouts as usual and I would say that overall the app is working as expected.

I did notice an issue while testing the Tiling layout though. It looks like Pop Shell crashes for that layout. If you switch back to any other layout, for instance Manjaro, Pop shell won’t be re-enabled and needs to be started manually.

Another minor issue: If you switch to the Gnome layout the outcome is the default Gnome-Next behaviour of horizontal workspaces. That behaviour does not correspond with the layout of vertical workspaces shown in the app (Obviously this comes from the current Gnome 3 behaviour). In my opinion, updating the artwork so that it matches the new horizontal workspaces behaviour would be great to avoid confusion.

Gotcha. So, the current Gnome layout design shown in the app would be more appropriate for a a layout using this new extension that enables legacy vertical workspaces. In that case, I suggest adding a separate Gnome-Next layout with a picture showing horizontal workspaces into the Layouts app accordingly.

Is Gnome 40 available in unstable or not yet ?

I don’t know, is it? :wink:

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