Gaming FPS inconsistency

I’m running a Nvidia GeForce 750 TI on Manjaro with kernel 6.1.12-1.

So I have tried other linux distro based on Arch but all of them were working poorly with my old video card, EndeavourOS any video at 720p or 1080p was lagging my computer hard and Garuda games run poorly (specially Dota 2 witch is my favorite game).
Manjaro was running fine for most things except some games and Dota was lagging a lot because of FPS drops. I only solved it on Dota by changing the in game settings to OpenGL instead of Vulkan API
but to work properly I have to wait 10 min so steam can load Vulkan shaders, if I don’t wait the game will lag.

Is there a way to improve game performace in with my old card?

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