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Hello i try give access to my second harddrive for my emby media server and i cant run Dolphin with root how i can change access please help

What filesystem is on that second hard drive and where in the directory hierarchy is it mounted?

  • If it’s a Linux-native filesystem, then it would suffice to change either the permissions or the ownership on the mountpoint.

  • If it’s a Windows filesystem, then your best bet is to add it to /etc/fstab with a permissions mask that allows you to own and write to the device, because NTFS does not store POSIX file ownership and permissions, and as such, the Linux kernel must fake these permissions for the whole filesystem at mount time.


You shouldnt be able to normally.
And you shouldnt want to.
Running a file manager as root can easily break permissions.
And in general using a GUI application with root/sudo is usually the wrong way to use it, and certainly a security problem.


$ sudo dolphin
Executing Dolphin with sudo is not possible due to unfixable security vulnerabilities.

its a fresh formated hard drive i have make in ext4

ok how can change (add) emby permission to my hdd ?

Emby seems to be a media server.
I think you mean how to use emby in manjaro on that drive?
I would say consult their documentation … but they dont seem to have much.

ext, like all good filesystems, has permissions.
This can work with users or groups.
If you formatted an Ext partition … you wont have access besides ‘sudo’ because only root user/group has access.

What I would do is create a directory in that partition and set permissions how I want.
Most likely using groups (say … the wheel group … or make one up)
But you could also set that directory to “Everyone” too.

But lets just do an exercise …

I will assume your new partition is mounted at /mnt/embydrive, and that user is zombtux

sudo mkdir /mnt/embydrive/my-storage
sudo chown zombtux /mnt/embydrive/my-storage

Then your user owns it and you should be able to mess around that directory all you want without sudo.

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Yes my user i want add is zombtux and the drive is a multiple letter and number i dont no how change name

You dont need to change the name.
Just use whatever path it actually is.

when i look is mount /dev/sdc1 and mount on /run/media/zombtux/a80b6f7e-3b31-4610-ab6b-cbb6aba371cf

Just navigate there. (note - you can also hit Tab to autocomplete)

cd  /run/media/zombtux/
cd 80b6f7e-3b31-4610-ab6b-cbb6aba371cf

(you should now be where you want)

sudo mkdir my-storage
sudo chown zombtux my-storage

ok im in my-storage i change this name or ?

If you followed the above instructions then you should have a folder you can easily navigate and add/delete/edit/etc without the need of sudo. (check with dolphin I guess)
I dont know why you keep mentioning changing names. You can use whatever directory names you want.

i have no folder make on this drive i dont have permission

I know you dont have permissions … that why we did ‘sudo make a folder’ and then ‘sudo give my user ownership of this folder’.
If you follow those instructions then you should have permissions.

oh ok mkdir is for make a folder…

Yes … are you just not using the commands I am posting ?

good folder is make and i have permission thx :smiley: and now how i can add my emby server permission in same command line ?

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