File chooser/dialog (xdg-desktop-portal-gtk) single click

I find it quite annoying that while both the desktop & file manager are configurable for single-click, xdg-desktop-portal-gtk is seemingly unaware of those configurations. Is there any way to activate single-click here?

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xdg-desktop-portal is a layer designed to abstract operating system interface into a common interface - usually for flatpak integration.

xdg-desktop-portal is a convenience component and not a strictly required by the system - unless of course you need it - then it is required :slight_smile:

If it does not respect your toolkit related configuration - then no.

If you feel it is a bug → GitHub - flatpak/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk: Gtk implementation of xdg-desktop-portal

Thanks for your reply. I don’t think it’s at all flatpak related as I’m noticing this mainly in Brave & Firefox which are installed from pacman. Using the xfce system monitor to identify the file dialog when choosing files identifies the chooser as ‘xdg-desktop-portal-gtk’ for Brave & ‘Firefox’ for… well, Firefox, despite them looking & functioning the same. Maybe I can change the chooser for something else? After years on KDE I never noticed such things. :eyes:

If everything worked as expected then there’s no particular reason for you to even be aware of xdg-desktop-portal-kde on KDE, is there? – that is, apart from those several months that topics relating to desktop-portal seemed to crowd the forums. :eyes:

You already noticed I was new here, so why would I have been aware of that?

Focus on the operative part of my comment, please, and not the part you chose to react to. There’s no reason for you to be aware, as already stated, if things worked as expected in KDE.

The fact that there have been issues in the forum relating to desktop-portal, is only incidental.

That said, after years of using KDE (presumedly the Manjaro flavour) one might expect that you will have known a forum exists, whether signing up for an account, or not.

However, as a new user, I invite you to actually read some (or all) of the links previously given, as they are for your benefit. :eyes:


Assumptions aren’t helpful. Neither is irrelevant information that purposefully provokes a reaction. I’ve come from Ubuntu for my desktop needs. I’ve used Manjaro headless for other projects & thought I’d give it a go on the Desktop. Try searching for ‘xdg-desktop-portal single click’ and see how relevant the answers are, either here or on Google. That’s why I’m here. I may just take the advise of linux-aarhus and file a bug report. Thank you.

My intention was to support how easily you might not have noticed such things; responding only to that comment. That was not provocation, in any way, either implied or attempted.

Assumptions, indeed, are not helpful.

Yes, I agree, search engines are not particularly helpful many times, especially with the amount of noise generally. My opinion is that the discourse search also leaves much to be desired. Sometimes the best one can hope for is a fair indicator rather than a direct result.

I hope you find a solution.