External Monitor with AMDGPU as source and NVIDIA sink

Hi all,
I took a look at a few similar threads that tried using external monitors with the integrated GPU (AMDGPU):

It seems the 470 NVIDIA driver documentation no longer states that it’s impossible to output AMDgpu rendering through NVIDIA. Instead the documentation describes a “Reverse PRIME” method with the option Option "AllowPRIMEDisplayOffloadSink" "boolean" (source).

That said it also says this behaviour should be default since xorg 1.20 (I guess we’re using 1.21).

Has anybody actually tested this config as described?

Advice on how to deal with driver options in the Optimus-manager set up is also welcome!
It seems that /etc/optimus-manager/xorg is generating the conf files at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-ptimus-manager.conf

So probably this “Reverse PRIME” should be set at the /etc/optimus-manager/xorg/integrated-mode

EDIT: just to clarify: I’m able to use the external monitor with the NVIDIA as source (optimus-manager --switch nvidia), but I’d like to use AMDGPU as source instead (for power saving)