Dropping all legacy and older Nvidia drivers ?!?

That’s bad news as cards like GTX 560 wouldn’t even be supported. I hope the AUR will take care of that situation properly at least.

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Oh, wow, that’s removing all of the different driver series?

[Removed Packages]

Looks like this is lining up for a single nvidia driver so no more long-term driver support, which makes Manjaro unusable on older systems (where nouveau support is poor).

“Marty! We need to go… back to the future!”


It will be fine with unstable at least…

Wassup, scolded already by the EndeavourOS devs and came back to troll again? Seems you can’t let go of your hobby lecturing people what to do and creating problems. Good luck (to others) in your next Arch-based distro forum, who knows… Arcolinux or something.

“What did we do to you to react like this?” “If you don’t like it, move on.”

Nouveau is no option because it does not work well with a lot of prime hardwareconfigurations. That’s the simple truth. Nouveau might work on some hardware and will not work on other hardware. It’s wishful thinking to believe Nouveau can replace nvidia-drivers.


I think some explanation is in place, on which drivers will be supported then, because reading that link makes one think you are removing ALL nVidia drivers at moment and not just “some”…

  • v455 is currently latest which is in that list…

The menu needs to be updated to show the installed drivers.

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Looking at that list and branch compare makes me believe that the plan here is to have the 390xx legacy driver as linuxZZ-nvidia-390xx and the latest one as linuxZZ-nvidia. And only those two drivers.

The missing part of switching the drivers to the new ones is here:


If 390xx driver will be not supported by one of the newer kernels, we most likely will also drop that legacy driver. You can always the lifetime of legacy support by Nvidia

Hello all, just a question

Will you keep the nVidia 340.xx drivers for the LTS kernel versions, say up to 5.40 or at least till
Xorg goes to 1.21 or drops support for it ???
That would be nice.


Just installed Manjaro, coming from Ubuntu, because I wanted a cleaner and faster system. And I loved it! It is just like I expected. But then I discovered that my laptop GPU (GT 740M) is no longer supported by the last kernels, since it’s only compatible with an older (legacy) proprietary driver. The Nouveau driver is simply bad.

I don’t want to use Ubuntu, but I also don’t want to use Windows 10. I would like to use Manjaro, but Nvidia destroyed that. I don’t know what to do. Sadly, I wasn’t a GNU/Linux user when I bought this thing. I don’t want to buy anything from Nvidia anymore, but now it’s too late…

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Isn’t you card supported by the 390 driver? AFAIK the 390 bumblebee driver is still available and should work with the 5.4 lts kernel

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Try out the latest drivers imo it should work for 740M, Nvidia 455 supports GT640M LE so GT740M should be supported.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve downgraded to 5.4. And yes, it is. The 390 is the only one I’m able to install and use (I think 418 should also be compatible, but I never got it working correctly). However, I think it’s sad to use a rolling release system with an ageing kernel. :confused:

It seems like Canonical is somewhat trying to solve this issue before it happens on Ubuntu. I don’t have any idea how. But maybe I’ll go back to Ubuntu (or Kubuntu) on this machine and keep Manjaro only on my desktop.

The GT 740M is not compatible with 455. Even the GT 640M LE has better support. Yep, Nvidia sucks.

Actually we need to upgrade nouveau driver

hmm i use the nvidia-dkms driver for recompile with kernel

But yeah we really need to upgrade the nouveau

I just updated Manjaro and ended up with recommended video-linux driver. Switching to video-nvidia is the only way to get my Cuda back.

$ pamac list | grep nvidia
lib32-nvidia-utils                 455.45.01-3                 multilib   126.6 MB
linux54-nvidia-450xx               450.80.02-10                           13.6 MB
mhwd-nvidia                        455.45.01-3                 core       1.5 kB
mhwd-nvidia-390xx                  390.138-1                   core       1.9 kB
nvidia-450xx-utils                 450.80.02-1                            266.5 MB
opencl-nvidia                      455.45.01-2                 extra      88.4 MB

$ pamac remove nvidia-450xx-utils
Checking dependencies...
Warning: ffmpeg optionally requires nvidia-utils: Nvidia NVDEC/NVENC support
Warning: google-earth-pro optionally requires nvidia-utils: For the NVIDIA driver
Warning: gst-plugins-bad optionally requires nvidia-utils: nvcodec plugin
Warning: ksysguard optionally requires nvidia-utils: NVIDIA GPU usage
Warning: lib32-vulkan-icd-loader optionally requires lib32-vulkan-driver: packaged vulkan driver
Warning: steam-manjaro optionally requires vulkan-driver: packaged vulkan driver
Warning: steam-manjaro optionally requires lib32-vulkan-driver: packaged vulkan driver (32bit)
Warning: vulkan-icd-loader optionally requires vulkan-driver: packaged vulkan driver

To remove (2):
  lib32-nvidia-utils  455.45.01-3  (Depends On: nvidia-450xx-utils)  multilib
  nvidia-450xx-utils  450.80.02-1                                    

Total removed size: 393.1 MB

Apply transaction ? [y/N]

Is it safe to remove lib32-nvidia-utils as a dependency, since it’s already on 455?

EDIT: I got it working by the “Crazy Ivan” move (btw, I cancelled removing the nvidia-450xx-utils above, so I only did this):

  1. pamac remove cuda*
  2. pamac remove linux54-nvidia-450xx
  3. reboot and after the black screen (don’t panic) just enter TTY
  4. pamac install linux54-nvidia-450xx
  5. pamac install cuda
  6. reboot again

All of a sudden, I have all the right packages:

$ pamac list | grep nvidia
lib32-nvidia-utils                 455.45.01-3                 multilib   126.6 MB
linux54-nvidia                     455.45.01-6                 extra      21.6 MB
mhwd-nvidia                        455.45.01-3                 core       1.5 kB
mhwd-nvidia-390xx                  390.138-1                   core       1.9 kB
nvidia-utils                       455.45.01-2                 extra      326.8 MB
opencl-nvidia                      455.45.01-2                 extra      88.4 MB

And I could proceed to successfully install video-nvidia in GUI.


I’ll soon switch to new amd graka (when available and payable) cause of NVIDIAs driver politics


Maybe worth linking here for those interested to read: My switch to the 5.10 kernel with update 2020-12-30

maybe the situation is from strategic point of view not too bad.
lets align with other linux distros and publish an easy to read paper which describes the politics of nvidia, pros and cons of free vs non-free driver and compare this with the way amd is doing it.

so whenever a linux enthusiast considers to buy a new pixel accelerator, there is already a recommendation in place :wink:

if that is spread across many linix distros, that might put some pressure on nvidia