Dropping all legacy and older Nvidia drivers ?!?

I for one will make sure I never ever buy anything made by Nvidia again

I’m Agree.


That’s a lesson all PC users learn in due time, just like with M$ and :apple: :rofl:


Admittedly my desktop system is old, circa 2008, and the graphics card an Nvidia GeForce GT 610, circa 2012(?), but that is all I have as my main computer system, so it would nice to have the Nvidia 390 series around for a few months longer whilst I continue researching what hardware I can upgrade to within needs and budget.

My other computers are two Raspberry Pi 3B’s and a little netbook computer and way too under-powered to be a practical stand in.

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I’m all for a Rolling Nvidia driver if there is possibility of having 390 drivers too for legacy cards on LTS kernel. I have friends with old Nvidia card, and Nouveau is kinda meh.


If legacy drivers still works on Linux 5.4 and lower, I think it would be a good compromise to keep them on older kernel series and drop them for newer kernel series.

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If my Geforce GTX 1050Ti is supported by those rolling drivers I’d vote for the rolling drivers

1050 TI is supported by latest drivers and it’s not a very old card is likely to be supported for a couple of years unless NVIDIA has some other stupid plans.

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Unfortunately you hit the nail on the head there


I hope for at least 5 more years, I expended too much money on my mid-end laptop for it to become obsolete in less than 10 years.


Laptop lasting 10 years may be expecting too much as from my experience laptops nowadays are really bad when it comes to repairs and it may a long shot for even Thinkpads that i feel are very durable and repairable.

The initial post is stating that starting 5.9 drivers before (450-)455 might not be possible to maintain, therefore support for drivers before that version may be dropped.
The poll however is about dropping support of multiple driver versions altogether in the future (meaning no 455 when 460 releases and so on), so am I misunderstanding the topic?

Rolling drivers are fun only up to the point where a new version is released in a bugged state, also I had the impression that the ability to effortlessly switch drivers became one of the features of the distro.


Well, mine has almost 5 five, I expect it to continue to work more 5. It’s a Dell here on Brazil they tend to last very long. (I have a theory that the construction of computers on Brazil are made to last longer since people can’t buy computers left and right)

Don’t kid your self, that reason is valid world wide…
Manufacturers don’t care about long lasting stuff anymore as they used to, it benefits them more if the consumers buy new ones sooner.
People with more money tend to buy higher performance stuff which costs more.
Don’t kid your self into thinking that manufacturers who are capitalists in nature give a darn about the economic abilities of their customers, they only look at sale amounts…

The reason why they tend to last very long (in your opinion) is perhaps because they use them more carefully?

A 5 year waranty was seen as a joke back in time, but nowadays its common reality…


I don’t think people here use their computers carefully, I’ve seen some things that make I.T people go mad being done here, that’s why I theoriesed that it might be the mounting process here, because we have a “manufacturer” who just mount the parts, and sometimes the parts are different from the US version for example.
I’m not going into the captalist side of this since I don’t know what is on the mind of the Brazilian Dell Manager

Brazillions of dollars of course :joy:

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Only brazilions of Dollars lol

I’m sure you mean that loqs on the Arch forum found a way to make it work?


Please give credit where credit is due.


I have some concerns with making this a regular rolling release, as this affects something quite fundamental in the system, and it’s an area where the source of problems seem to be getting more difficult to track down. Typically the problems are pretty intermittent.

Manjaro has been a great OS for my primary workstation, but ever since I upgraded to the 450 drivers I’ve been having various graphics issues, mostly with web content. The 450s improved compatibility with a few of the games I accessed through Steam… but no noticeable improvements for my productive applications (Blender, Krita, GIMP, CloudCompare, Meshlab, etc). If anything, I’ve been noticing issues with WebGL, and some non-3D web features. I do not know for sure, but perhaps this is all related to the transition from OpenGL to Vulkan?

That being said, I realise that Manjaro prides itself on being the “latest and greatest”.

I’m far from an expert in this area, so if anyone has some thoughts on this… I’d love to hear it (transition to Vulkan and known issues).

I had to upgrade from 440 series to the 455 driver for my Steam games to keep playing…
See: [linux59] Steam games not working

We are currently in the process to drop some Nvidia drivers accross all kernel series. This will simplify the way MHWD will detect your hardware. Also we can’t say on how long we will support 390xx driver series.