Dolphin can't login to samba server

I am trying to access a samba server on a synology NAS from Manjaro KDE client.

In Dolphin I open Networks > Shared Folders (SMB) and on click I see ServerName listed with other shares on the network. Trying to access mine I get “Could not connect to host for smb://ServerName.local/”

After reading this topic I changed Settings > Window Shares to my SambaUserName and MySambaPassword, but it does not help.

Other search results suggest doing smbclient -L [IP of ServerName] for which the prompt is Password for [WORKGROUP\MyUserName]:

Since MyUserName is different from SambaUserName, obviously I get session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

From terminal I also tried smbclient -U SambaUserName //[IP of ServerName] and smbclient -U SambaUserName [IP of ServerName], both of them returning Not enough '\' characters in service

What to do next?

perhaps it will help to enable avahi daemon

sudo systemctl enable --now avahi-daemon
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