Does Manjaro have systemd?

does manjaro have system d if it does can i choose to not use it i figured i would ask because this is linux and we have choices

  1. yes
  2. dunno. But inherent in the power to chose is the responsibility to chose wisely.
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I think Manjaro doesn’t support removing/replacing systemd. From one of the wiki articles you may have been able to do that, but it says they do not support it anymore. OpenRC, an alternative to systemd - Manjaro Linux

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thank you i was worried I am not a super tech but the way certian things are goin in linux let me take a look at openrc

OpenRC on Manjaro has been discontinued.

yeeeaaa thats a no iam kind of disapointed

Then Artix Linux might be what you are looking for. It’s Arch based and uses OpenRC. Also Gentoo can use OpenRC.


heart was set on manjaro…i kind of feel a lack of choices this is why i do not like u—tu they act like the apple of linux but hey i am ranting here

Please read the first comment on the linked thread:

One distro trying to support both represents an excessive burden, and prevents specialization, making technical correctness harder.

the question is answered the topic is closed before we get into a pointless discussion

Thank You Bye!