Manjaro 20.1 Mikah got released

Thank you, cfinnberg.

I have since found a big red button and have made the post.

I am not sure why I could not see that red button before.

Which has Firefox, I believe!

Zfs support in manjaro-architect is experimental and may require manual intervention.

Manjaro-architect installer is available in all Manjaro isos, not just manjaro-architect. I actually recommend using it with gui isos, because that is how it is developed (it was originally written for manjaro bspwm edition). I don’t think I have ever done a full installation on the manjaro-architect iso

You mean in live session? The password is simply: manjaro
I agree that the live version should somehow inform about it, but it is the usual Linux custom to have distro name as password when nothing is mentioned.

Kmail is a disaster IMO. There are some people that do like and use it, but in overall, Thunderbird is superior. Manjaro offers good software, not that in theory is the default for given DE. This is not a flaw but a conscious decision. Thunderbird is currently the best open-source client out there and the rest are just toys, good for casual users but not those who work with many mails on a daily basis. I know because I use it for over 10 years and tested many, many other clients, which were massive disappointments. It was like trying out scooter after using Audi. Sure, the UI is a bit ancient, but in the grand scheme functionality is what matters. No amount of modern, cool or good-looking UI can compensate for functional lacks.

To sum up, you just judged distro just based on the fact that you would choose differently. Guess what, every person have different opinion and would choose differently if given the choice. Shouting disappointment just because the choices that Manjaro team did aren’t agreeable with yours is just silly.

On this one I agree, Elisa is the better choice now. I suspect that Manjaro still has Cantata as default comes from the fact that Elisa is a very new software and is good only since few months. Earlier it was rather in a beta state, full of lacks and problems. It still has beta quality in many areas but Elisa development is going fast so Manjaro should reconsider switching to it.

Again, choice was made carefully and the majority of the community will probably agree that Qbittorrent is superior (KTorrent was a default in the past but community feedback probably made the change) and still a Qt app, so it’s better to ship distro with the best app rather than DE default. Kudos for Manjaro team for this kind of approach.

That is again your preference. For me those are OK defaults and I don’t see many users complaining on those.

Didn’t Manjaro implement an office package picker during installation a while ago? Maybe you just missed it and clicked too fast next->next?

I and many others will agree that the welcome screen in Manjaro is bad. There were many discussions about it but it looks like nothing came out of it. I guess, someone has to step up, design and create better one. Remember, that this is a community based distro and current Manjaro devs can’t do everything - they are still doing it in free time, and they have jobs and families. Manjaro was turned to a business project but I doubt it is a profitable one, so this is still labor of love and it won’t be perfect given then limitations. We need more developers jumping on board. Unfortunately, Manjaro is suitable for average users who are power users, but those often aren’t programmers.

This is a standard across other DEs as well. Manjaro is not an exception here. This is a weird attack angle. Following that logic you could find thousands of things that are dissapointment poits. Guess what, we all do those customisations ourselves, becase we want to make the choice, so one will choose uBlock, other will choose NoScript and other add-disabling plugin.

LOL, for years I heard peoplke claiming otherwise, they hated the old windows manager. For most this is one of the very things they do after install, switch to icon task manjager. KDE devs recognized it and made it the default. Manjaro simply keeps this default, because Manjaro users commonly complained about that as well.
For me task icon managers are super convenient and I love them. I can’t understand how people can still use the old ones. They are confusing, crowded and clunky. I would say that the old windows managers are “dumb as hell”…

Opinion vs. opinion. You seem to mistake your opinions with facts.

You fail to recognize that your preference is not what is good for others. I hope you will never be in position to decide things for others (like manager, CEO, etc), because you will be terrible at it. What you think is better and superior is usually not the same for others. For example, I pointed out why Thunderbird is better and it actually is: at least function wise, because it offers more. However, there are many users who don’t need those functions and prefer something simpler, modern. Others will keep love and use Thunderbird for what it can do. You just can’t make everyone happy, because each choice will hit negatively some group. Manjaro usually goes with functionality - usually :wink: . It does happen that community chose something I don’t like. Life. :man_shrugging:

For years it was the desktop that was the default. Community usually didn’t like it, so Manjaro devs improved it. Don’t like it? You can change it, but again Manjaro followed the community will in this point. Or maybe this was change on KDE side and Manjaro simply inherited defaults?

Besides, people expect the same functionality they are used to on Windows and some things Windows does right.

Also, think: if you don’t want to clutter your desktop, Desktop as folder is not keeping you from it. If you won’t put any files on it, it will stay clear. With the Desktop full mode, if someone wants to clutter desktop, they can’t, they must change the option. So your choice would be abrasive for a big group of users, while Desktop as folder is neutral, which is a superior choice.

This is a one of the Manjaro unique features to have Steam installed by default and it’s going to stay. It is usually mentioned as one of the Manjaro perks, because this is unusual. Most popular distros don’t have it.
This is also a statement: We are not open-source exclusive, we offer everything you need and want.
And lately: We are a distro good for gaming.

Again, no matter what kind of software choice Majaro devs did, someone will be unhappy about it. That is why there was in the past Minimal-ISO option. Not sure if it’s still available, but you can still use Manjaro Architect and there you can decide for minimal install.

Official release will keep offering ready to work and game distro and that means some software choice you don’t like. I hate yakuake and there is already Konsole so I always uninstall it. This does’t make distro worse, it simply is some choice that in some points agree with mines, with others does not.

It looks like the release is simply not for you. Use Architect and be happy with semi-Arch like experience, no need to complain on Manjaro dev’s choices.

That’s a mystery for me too. What does it do on Manjaro? HP is one of the worst printer companies. Everyone in family or neighbors have HP printers, and THEY ALL ARE A DISASTER. Because of that I stay away of all things HP. Those printers may be working out of the box in Linux, but aren’t a good choice for anyone.

Anyway, your detailed critique probably comes from the fact that you do care and want to improve distro, but you are going the wrong way about it. Manjaro is not perfect and it indeed needs some improvements. Many of your points are valid IMO, but they aren’t deal breakers or anything to be really disappointed about.

If you became a regular forum user with high trust, offered programmer help and other show that you have knowledge and skills, and then opened topics to discuss things that can be improved (just an on-point talks, without emotion and all that negativity), you could make a positive impact.


Like the new themes - esp Matcha Dark Aliz!!

It’s about compromise and out of the box experience.

@philm wanted all printer stuff gone because everyone does not have printers.

I wanted to include just the drivers, so that everything works out of the box, but users aren’t bothered by the hp app.

Other maintainers wanted to keep the hp interface because it offers extra functionality. So, here we are.

I also have HP printer and it sucks big time. But I’m stuck with it, and it works better on Linux than on windows. Having printers work out of the box without hunting for drivers is awesome. I would still kick the hp printer manager if I could, but it’s not my call.


This is indeed awesome, thanks for supporting printers, I need to print a few times a year and the out of the box support of my seven year old WiFi scanner/printer surprised and delighted me :slight_smile:

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For the majority of people it is pretty much obsolete indeed, I guess.
The last printer I had died around 12 years ago and it ended with something I’d just call “sledgehammer incident”. :joy:

Jokes aside:
Having an option during installation would be good I think.
Similar to the office suite selection… (Print drivers: No; CUPS basic; HP bloat or so :wink: )


@dontknow Well made points. Is there anything else we can help you with? What a wasted effort maybe Manjaro is not your thing? Maybe moved to a more generic distribution that has all the proper applications and system setting etc. My KDE is awesome works without problems! Been using it for many years. It was and is the best rolling release Linux has to offer, hands down! Maybe Windoze would work for you better? What I am saying is just lighten up just a bit and enjoy whatever distribution you like!

This is planned for the next release of gnome edition. @codesardine made a working prototype of hybrid netinstall, which can easily handle this.


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Love Manjaro XFCE - been a solid user for years now. Thank you.

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20.1.1 Got released today

Thanks for the great support

Downloading and updating to the 20.1.2 ISO Today :slight_smile:

Thanks for this edition. Very well made and an incredibly elegant OS.

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After the installation (went well) I cant boot Manjaro up, I tried to install fresh manjaro mikah and even if the installation goes well it does not boot up, I tried to install manjaro 20.0 then update same problem it wont boot up.
Im talking about manjaro gnome version
I tried manjaro mikah kde version and this boot up regularly and goes great…but i want to use gnome and i dont want a double desktop enviroment…any possible solutions?
I have an i7 9750H and a Nvidia 1650 GPU (dell xps 15 2019)
I tried to find some solution…i found nothing thats why i write here…

I setted the hybrid drivers intel/nvidia and I can boot up my manjaro again!

Thank you Phil, as always!

I have an important question Is the manjaro system really safe?
Please authoritative answer