Development / Q&A | OrangePi Neo-01

What I want to know is if the OS will be available for desktop users or if they’ll do like VALVE is doing.

@jaizon There is a generic installer available. I have Manjaro GE installed for testing on my Steam Deck. A demo of an early version of the installer was posted on the Manjaro YouTube channel a few weeks ago showing it installing to the Asus ally.

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Since you’ve tried, is it working alright? Like, is it stable enough for daily use?
Can you post a link from where I can download it? I’ve watched the video but there are no links provided!

@jaizon there are no public links of the OS available yet. @dennis1248 is working with me on the immutable part of the OS. That is why I share images and updates with him already. A public release might come later at some point. For now we only share the experience and videos on how it may look. We are testing the OS also on MiniPCs and other devices.

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Oh, I see! Thank you so much for all your effort!
Also, really glad to know it is coming for desktops.

Well, here you go @belusconi

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Here some questions answered:

The current chassis doesn’t have an backplate buttons on this device. So no.

@phuthinh89 be more specific on what you want to see on the device.

780M does have hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding. So it should work.

The updates are on the first post. Sometimes we are busy and posted them slightly delayed.

Since other vendors also offer 8840U APUs it was added into the mix. So far no 8840U samples got built. When comparing the specs of both SoCs, most likely 7840U is the better option, as there is almost no gain in FPS when using the newer SoC. Having more RAM and adding that to the iGPU is much better solution.


@phuthinh89 be more specific on what you want to see on the device.”

I have some questions:

  1. Can Diablo IV, Monster Hunter World, The Witcher 3,… smooth playing at 10 - 15 TDP? How long i can play?
  2. Can i play noneSteam games? How about Emulator games?
  3. Can it turn on/off fast like Nintendo Switch?

Will the neo have an ambient light sensor and RGB sensor, e.g. the OPT4060DTSR to automatically adjust the display?
Will the glass be anti glare?

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The one in the youtube video apprars to have extra glare. But maybe it is an early prototype. Or really bad lighting.

Is the screen a touch screen ?
How does feel the web navigation on the machine ?
It would be great to show it in a video .
for benchmarks I would like you to test the AI side,
can you show inferences on a few models on LMstudio or other software?
I would like you to show speed for a few models 7B parameters to 13B parameters.
For 7B , mistral instruct is good , and for 13b , llama 2 13b.
and for compression the Q4_K_M versions are good.

@azwerto, yes, the device ships with a touch screen. Since it is a PC the web browsing works similar to any other MiniPC with similar chipset. SteamUI is kinda a web application. here is an older benchmark by phoronix on a laptop with same SoC from 2023. here some AI benchmarks on a laptop with 15W TDP profile.

Is there an estimated release date? I’m really excited about this and would love to buy one.


Will this be available in australia? hoping for a linux handheld to turn up here by a first party. Steamdeck isn’t available unless is massively overpriced and through a third-party

May I ask how Mesa is going to be shipped on this device? Or to be more precise, is it planned to enable patent encumbered codecs? These are in my opinion essentially on a battery powered device for use cases like:

  • Remote play on Steam via hardware decoding.
  • Some games that rely heavily on hardware video encoding and decoding.
  • Video playback in general etc.
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When will it launch. Q3 is almost here.

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