Development / Q&A | OrangePi Neo-01

With FOSDEM 2024 we were able to showcase some of our prototypes of OrangePi Neo. We as a company worked since May 2023 together with OrangePi on that project. In this post we update you on the development status and which features we already managed to get working.

Introducing the Future of Gaming!

Experience the ultimate gaming hardware on Linux-based handheld devices with the OrangePi Neo powered by the Manjaro operating system. Equipped with a Dual Intelligent Touchpad, immerse yourself in seamless gaming with precise touch points and intuitive swipe gestures. Enhance your gaming precision and immersion with native mouse simulation and gyroscope support.

Personalize your gaming experience with customizable key mapping for keyboard, mouse, and system functions. The OrangePi Neo isn’t just a portable handheld console; it’s also a slim Desktop personal computer. Seamlessly switch between the Manjaro Plasma Desktop and Gamescope mode for optimal gaming performance.

Redefine gaming innovation in the palm of your hand. With open-source software, the possibilities for updates and customization are endless, ensuring you get the most out of your hardware.

How does Manjaro work on the OrangePi Neo?

Well, it will be the first ALPM-free version of Manjaro with focus on flatpaks to add additional software. As desktop environment we have chosen Plasma 5 but might adopt Plasma 6 when released. Having an immutable OS is needed for this product. Also user don’t have to track dependencies and other issues you may have with a rolling release model. You can simply update your system via the SteamUI and install additional packages via Discover from the desktop mode. We will provide several update channels for you to choose from. This way you can even help us to find bugs before the stable channel gets the updates. Also SteamUI gets monthly updates similar as on the Steamdeck.

What extra packages are used?

We use a special patched version of gamescope, handygccs, OpenGamepadUI, and hhd to support the integrated gyroscope. With some additional scripts and tools we create the Gaming Edition of Manjaro, which launches into the Steam OOBE mode for first run wizard. This way it is easy for the user to setup the device.

What functions work already on the prototype?

Since the OrangePi Neo-01 is a Linux first device, we made clear to only add Linux supported hardware to the device. For the gyroscope the BOSCH 260 was chosen. Initial support is already given via hhd. So we have full control over the controllers, via handycon or hhd, which adds additional features like gyro and RGB control (still work in progress). Via gamescope swipe gestures got implemented, which open QAM and the Steam Menu, even in-game. Power button and Audio control work out of the box.

What functions we still work on?

  • RGB control still needs to be added to hhd or a dedicated application
  • TDP control might work via OpenGamepadUI overlay mode
  • controller support still needs to be added to OpenGamepadUI
  • fan curves and battery control needs to be optimized
  • Audio Equalizer might still need some work to improve audio quality
  • Standby and Sleep needs some work in software and firmware to properly work

When I tested the prototype, I noticed the controllers. Were those the final ones?

The controllers used on the prototype we showcased at Fosdem 2024 were design previews and not the final ones. The final product will ship with an all in one Multi-Function Gaming Controller with Hall Sensing Joysticks, RGB Lighting and Linear Hall Triggers. This way you can expect one of the best gaming experience the market currently offers.

When can I expect the final product?

Currently the aim is to release the final product in Q2 2024. We keep you all updated via social media channels and this thread.

What price I can expect?

We can’t tell the exact price yet. However it will be at the lower end of Steamdeck pricing.

Which markets you expect to sell?

The aim is for Western market and also China


How many grams does Orange Pi Neo weigh?

Will this Version of manjaro be locked down to this device or will we be able to Install this on Things Like the Steam Deck or even an HTPC?

If this thing can actually come to market at “the lower end of Steamdeck pricing” I’ll be very impressed, but I’m very sceptical.

This made my day :white_heart:

Small update on RGB control: For now the current implementation is via button combinations. We will provide a full video of it soon: