Development / Q&A | OrangePi Neo-01

Hello again! What’s the highest tdp on battery and when plugged in to the mains? Also, will the neo support any battery saving features like battery bypass when running on mains or limiting charge to 80%…? Thanks :+1:

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Will we be able to upgrade the ram ourselves?

@philm do you know if any eGPU solutions have been tested with the Neo-01 ?

Ideally something based on the ASM2464PD chip-set (for example the ADT-Link UT3G)

Thanks !

Could you test FFXIV Dawntrail benchmark on the Neo, please?

Could you also do a Palworld Benchmark on the Neo, if possible?

Would love to see backplate buttons like the steamdeck. Is that possible/moddable?

I have always found only having my thumbs or clawgrip to be the most irritating part of using controller. Plus its better for your fingers longterm.

Can we watch some new gameplays test on Orange Pi Neo?

If the Neo-01 is connected to a 4K monitor (via any recomended thunderbolt 4 to hdmi converter) does it have enough processing power, or dedicated decoding hardware, to playback 4K av1 videos.

And a follow up question would be, are there any recomended usb-4/thunderbolt-4 to hdmi converters for sending output to a higher resolution external monitor :smile: