DeLinuxCo Workstation resurrected


First and generous shoutout and thanks to the Manjaro team for doing such great work, without them building a custom ISO would have been much much more work.

I have decided to resurrect the DeLinuxCo Manjaro Spin. I have created a new package repo with signed packages and polished the interface more.

The goal and purpose of DeLinuxCo is to have a workstation experience right from the start. Most tools that like video editors, Kdenlive, Cinelerra and graphics applications like Gimp and Inkscape are included. As well as a markdown editor, color wheel, character maps etc.

“Form Following Function” is the motto!

DeLinuxCo also comes with a few scripts to make things easier for the user. FOr instance, to install Virt-Manager, all the user has to do is open a terminal and type : install-virt-manager and the script will install and configure everything, simple reboot and you have a fully functional VM setup in minutes.

Same for Syncthing, it comes pre-installed, to enable syncthing, just run the command enable-syncthing and it will enable syncthing on the current user so that even if the user is not logged in, syncthing is still running in the background.

All backgrounds are now in svg format, so they will scale to just about any monitor size.

There is more under the cosmetic hood and I plan on doing a feature page on the website.

And suggestions or constructive criticism is welcomed.


updated 20210925


Also i find it a bit funny the default background image looks like sometimes seen graphics memory corruption on linux :slight_smile:

Thanks, I fixed the date…