Cyberpunk 2077 fails to launch

I have checked the requirements, I have Proton running, installed mesa from the official repo. When I click play in steam the loading box pops up, shows that it loads the game and then disapears, the button shows that it is running but the game window never pops up. Is there any way to troubleshoot this or has anyone else seen anything similar?

Do I need to remove old mesa packages?

Hoping I don’t need to return the game.

hey, you may want to have an look at this,

I appreciate that tip. But I am seeing that I already have a newer version of mesa installed.

“Warning: mesa-git: local (21.0.0_devel.132254.84c8a35aa2c-1) is newer than community (21.0.0_devel.132192.04c7f
Warning: downgrading package mesa-git (21.0.0_devel.132254.84c8a35aa2c-1 => 21.0.0_devel.132192.04c7fce799a-1)”

Yeah, it happens when one of the mirrors are has newer version of the same software.

You can see it here.

So I guess my problem isn’t the mesa version. The hunt shall continue.

Do you have a right Proton version 5.13-4 in Steam?

Yes, I have even ensured under the game options for Cyberpunk that it is forced to use that version of Proton.

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I would see what happens when launching the game with raw wine from the terminal, or launching the game from Steam without Vulkan by using the launch option:

PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

Appreciate the ideas but nothing seems to work. Its just not meant to be for me.

Try Proton beta, from Steam settings.