Change root password

Is it possible to change password for root? While installing I opted for using the same password for root. Willing to learn Manjaro, I would like to know what requires root privilege and what requires user privilege. Please guide through steps to change root password. I would like to know doing this in GUI if possible.


Do this:

sudo su

type password of your user and check if you are root:


Then type:


type your new root password <enter>

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Users are advised to reset their password on installed systems by using passwd:

user@system$ passwd
Changing password for user.
(current) UNIX password:
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:

When changing the password, the installed Linux system generates a new, random, salt for the password hash and the password is no longer affected by this weakness. Users may also want to reset the root password on the system if it is vulnerable, with sudo passwd.


Yeah, it’s good to have them be different passwords.
You can change the user password with passwd and the root password with sudo passwd .

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Thank you! Changed it!

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That post is more that 4 years old - and no system installed by a newer calamares suffers from that problem.

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