Couldn't change root password

i decided to change my root password and user password

i followed the steps in this page

> sudo su
[sudo] password for thenujan: 
Minion-manjaro# sudo passwd
New password: 
Retype new password: 
passwd: password updated successfully

but after changing the password i closed the terminal and reopened it and

sudo su

i entered new password and it didnt work so i tried old password and it worked

i did try restarting my laptop twice
but that didnt fix anything

and in case if it helps sometimes(twice) i have faced a problem with the root password my root password would stop working(it would say i entered wrong password) all of a sudden and restart would fix that problem

so how do i change my password?

Don’t use sudo when you are logged to root. All you need to type is:

sudo su

i did try that too .it didnt work

Just re-login, it’ll work

what do you mean re-login?

Hello @Thenujan :wink:

sudo will always ask for the password of the current user (It asked the password of thenujan). If you need to test the root password then do only: su and it will ask for the root password…


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