Canon Wi-Fi multifunctional used to work but now it just scans without printing


I tried rebooting without use.

On a Ubuntu laptop in the same network, through Wi-Fi, the problem does not exist.

I have read this topic and I tried to follow the steps in there:

$ lpinfo -v
network http
network ipp
network beh
file cups-brf:/
network https
network socket
network lpd
network ipps
file cups-pdf:/
direct hp
network smb
direct hpfax
network dnssd://Canon%20MG4200%20series._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=00000000-0000-1000-8000-84BA3BB0352F
network ipp://Canon%20MG4200%20series._ipp._tcp.local/

Please tell me which other commands to run and which commands to post the output from.

I have ghostscript-9.53.3-2 installed.

I am afraid to try to uninstall the printer because I wish to have the scanner functional at least.

Thank you!


This is an update. I hope somebody who can help me sees this.

I need this solved as otherwise, when I want to print something, I need to boot into Windows on another device.

I have updated Manjaro the latest stable version today, including these updates:


My printer is not listed when I try to print from, e.g., Kate. And a new thing is that when I open Skanlite it skips the screen for choosing a scanner in a fraction of second because my multifunctional is not there anymore, just the laptop webcam.

If I go to the system settings page of printers, I get:

Printing service is not available

  • Bad file descriptor

Please help. Thanks!


I have already rebooted the system.

I have read this: Org.cups.cupsd.{service,socket,path} not found.

The “bad descriptor” error is gone, but when I try to print the test page for the printer, I get:

Is anyone able and willing to help me with this? Thanks.

I do not know if bumps are allowed here. If not, please let me know.


Are all your CUPS services running? What is the output of
systemctl list-unit-files | grep cups


Extracted text from above image:

$ systemctl list-unit-files | grep cups
cups.path                                  enabled         disabled      
cups-browsed.service                       disabled        disabled      
cups-lpd@.service                          static          -             
cups.service                               enabled         disabled      
cups-lpd.socket                            disabled        disabled      
cups.socket                                enabled         disabled

Is your driver for your printer installed?

Enable cups-browsed.service and try again.

If you still cannot see your printer, can you access your printer through your browser on localhost:631?

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I’ve done this:

Then attempted to print the test page from the system settings page of the printer but it failed:

So I did this:

And now it says this:


“Unable to locate printer.”

And yes, I can access the printer through the browser on localhost:631:

So I still cannot print.

Thanks for the help. Happy New Year! :smiley:

Maybe cancel all the print jobs and then try to find the test page print on the localhost page under maintenance.

How did you install the driver? The following packages need be installed:



I found this info on Installing Canon Pixma mg2400-series printer drivers on Manjaro/Arch? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.

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Printing the test page results in this message:

“The PPD version (5.3.3) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.3.4. Please run `/usr/bin/cups-genppdupdate’ as administrator.”

foomatic-db-gutenprint is not in the default repositories, the other ones are installed except the last 2 which look like they are for another printer (my printer is 4200 not 2400).

I am trying to follow instructions from this page.


I cannot find a PPD file for my Canon MG4200 series in this Printers by Manufacturer | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation.

How can I install this AUR package in Manjaro? I tried # pamac install cnijfilter-mg4200 and it says that the target was not found.

Did you enable AUR packages in Pamac?

I usually use yay for AUR packages in cli.

yay -S cnijfilter-mg4200

You may have to install yay first or enable AUR in Pamac. I do not know how to enable it on cli but in the GUI you can find the option in preferences.

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Thanks for the help. I installed that AUR package and updated the PPD file, rebooted and now I get this:

Unable to locate printer.

Next I will try to remove the printer from Manjaro and add it again, and also reboot the printer device.

@hroettgen I tried to add a new printer and reboot the printer device without the result I was hoping for.

I am still open to suggestions. I also have an Ubuntu 20.10 installation with the latest updates installed through which I can use the printer through Wi-Fi. It is displayed like this:

It says “driverless”. I will try to find out what that means and how I can make it work on Manjaro Linux too.

I also want to try to scan using Ubuntu, I don’t remember if it works or not. On Manjaro Skanlite “scans” from the webcam.


I use a Brother printer and the scan driver is different to the printer driver, i.e. a different AUR packages was required for the scanner for my set up

I suggest you use the browser interface and remove the printer from cups. Maybe even find out how you can remove cups configurations as your previous attempts might interfere with the AUR driver package. I have never had to use Gutenberg drivers so I am out of my depth on that issue.

Maybe also check which cups services are enabled on your Ubuntu machine and ensure the same services running on Manjaro (ensure that they are not failing during boot).

It may be worthwhile to skin through your log to see if there are warnings related to cups. Our run journalctl -f while adding the printer. You may get some error description which you can use to find a solution.

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