Cannot install Qt Creator properly from 'qtcreator' package

My last post got hidden so I will try again…

I cannot get Qt Creator to work with the AUR package ‘qtcreator’. Here is what I did:

  • Installed Manjaro on a fresh partition and updated
  • pamac install qtcreator qt6-base qt6-examples qt6-wayland base-devel cmake ninja
  • Opened qt creator
  • Create project->Qt Application (Qt)->Qt Quick Application
  • Found at this point that there were no available kits
  • Edit->Preferences->Kits
  • Selected the Qt versions and Add… selected /usr/lib/qt6/bin/qmake
  • Selected the kits tab and the default kit
  • Changed the default Kit Qt to Qt 6.6.2
  • Now I can create a project and set the Qt 6.6.2 desktop kit.
  • Expand to reach Main.qml and double click on it… design page still inactive
  • Help->About Plugins…->Qt Quick->Check QmlDesigner
  • Now I can get to the design tab, but it doesn’t draw properly. Just a grey background, a tag for window and nothing else.
  • I try to build in debug, release, it runs but same thing in design.
  • If I add a rect it just shows the highlight with tag and no background. If I change the color in the properties pane still no background. Unusable.

Here are all the versions of packages installed:

appstream-qt5                      1.0.2-1                     extra     378.3 kB
bluez-qt5                          5.115.0-1                   extra     2.3 MB
cmake                              3.28.3-1                    extra     75.6 MB
gcc                                13.2.1-5                    core      193.1 MB
gcc-libs                           13.2.1-5                    core      150.9 MB
kcolorpicker-qt5                   0.3.0-3                     extra     83.5 kB
kdsoap-qt5                         2.2.0-1                     extra     1.3 MB
kimageannotator-qt5                0.7.0-3                     extra     1.6 MB
layer-shell-qt                     5.27.11-1                   extra     78.9 kB
lib32-gcc-libs                     13.2.1-5                    core      118.6 MB
libaccounts-qt                     1.16-3                      extra     148.2 kB
libdbusmenu-qt5                    0.9.3+16.04.20160218-7      extra     657.6 kB
libqaccessibilityclient-qt5        0.6.0-1                     extra     246.8 kB
modemmanager-qt5                   5.115.0-1                   extra     1.3 MB
networkmanager-qt5                 5.115.0-1                   extra     3.8 MB
ninja                              1.11.1-3                    extra     365.7 kB
packagekit-qt5                     1.1.1-1                     extra     356.3 kB
phonon-qt5                         4.12.0-3                    extra     1.5 MB
phonon-qt5-gstreamer               4.10.0-4                    extra     410.8 kB
polkit-qt5                         0.200.0-1                   extra     341.0 kB
poppler-qt5                        24.01.0-1                   extra     809.5 kB
pulseaudio-qt                      1.4.0-1                     extra     679.7 kB
python-pyqt5                       5.15.10-1                   extra     29.9 MB
python-pyqt5-sip                   12.13.0-1                   extra     217.5 kB
qca-qt5                            2.3.8-2                     extra     3.1 MB
qt5-base                           5.15.12+kde+r151-1          extra     65.8 MB
qt5-declarative                    5.15.12+kde+r32-1           extra     24.1 MB
qt5-graphicaleffects               5.15.12-1                   extra     551.3 kB
qt5-imageformats                   5.15.12+kde+r10-1           extra     214.5 kB
qt5-location                       5.15.12+kde+r6-1            extra     9.6 MB
qt5-multimedia                     5.15.12+kde+r2-1            extra     3.6 MB
qt5-quickcontrols                  5.15.12-1                   extra     5.0 MB
qt5-quickcontrols2                 5.15.12+kde+r5-1            extra     9.2 MB
qt5-sensors                        5.15.12-1                   extra     969.0 kB
qt5-speech                         5.15.12+kde+r1-1            extra     181.7 kB
qt5-svg                            5.15.12+kde+r6-1            extra     511.0 kB
qt5-tools                          5.15.12+kde+r4-1            extra     16.3 MB
qt5-translations                   5.15.12-1                   extra     15.4 MB
qt5-virtualkeyboard                5.15.12-1                   extra     19.6 MB
qt5-wayland                        5.15.12+kde+r61-1           extra     6.4 MB
qt5-webchannel                     5.15.12+kde+r3-1            extra     238.2 kB
qt5-webengine                      5.15.16-3                   extra     159.3 MB
qt5-x11extras                      5.15.12-1                   extra     41.8 kB
qt6-5compat                        6.6.2-1                     extra     1.7 MB
qt6-base                           6.6.2-4                     extra     57.8 MB
qt6-declarative                    6.6.2-1                     extra     85.5 MB
qt6-doc                            6.6.2-1                     extra     467.5 MB
qt6-examples                       6.6.2-1                     extra     163.6 MB
qt6-positioning                    6.6.2-1                     extra     1.7 MB
qt6-quick3d                        6.6.2-1                     extra     14.8 MB
qt6-quicktimeline                  6.6.2-1                     extra     197.7 kB
qt6-serialport                     6.6.2-1                     extra     182.9 kB
qt6-shadertools                    6.6.2-1                     extra     4.1 MB
qt6-svg                            6.6.2-1                     extra     668.0 kB
qt6-tools                          6.6.2-1                     extra     19.2 MB
qt6-translations                   6.6.2-1                     extra     13.6 MB
qt6-wayland                        6.6.2-1                     extra     7.2 MB
qt6-webchannel                     6.6.2-1                     extra     434.5 kB
qt6-webengine                      6.6.2-1                     extra     206.0 MB
qtcreator                          12.0.2-2                    extra     120.5 MB

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you already started a post for this

this is not a question that you can not install it, it’s the question how to use it.
check the internet for “qt tutorials” “qt setup” and you’ll get satisfied.


Indeed, and the OP’s previous topic on this very same subject was closed by a fellow moderator for that exact reason.

It would appear that OP prefers being spoon-fed rather than doing their own homework. I am therefore going to repeat the decision of my colleague and close this thread.

OP, you have now been told twice where to look for help. I would suggest heeding that advice.

You guys aren’t being fair. I cannot go to Qt and ask them because officially they only support Ubuntu 20.04, Redhat, and Windows. I want to use Manjaro. So since there is a Manjaro package, I just want to know how to make it work.

I have read all the related Qt Document links, I have looked at the qtcreator package page. I have been googling for two months now. Where else do I look? Please tell me and I will.

Besides, why ask for all the versions if you have no plan to help?

You could perhaps mention the error message on the default Window object:

Item could not be created

It pops up if you hover over the little warning sign.

Some of the results which pop up in a quick search:

I don’t want to be annoying, I really don’t. But I tried everything that was suggested.

Could you just tell me what you meant by this title?

The moderators are closing my comments. I just want to know what you are implying that I am missing that I need to be “spoon fed”.

@malibu Please stop creating new topics. I’ve moved the posts here and this topic is at least temporarily reopened.

Ok thanks. Honestly. If I can’t expect the package to work just say that. But it seems like a lot of people are using it. I have been nothing but polite.

FYI, qtcreator is in the Manjaro repos.

I don’t know anything about Qt Creator, but perhaps you could check the manual if you haven’t already.

I have. The manual doesn’t have an installation procedure for Manjaro. Generally there is documentation with the package.

Wow, my last topic is the second google hit for ‘Manjaro qtcreator’!

Arch has some Qt documentation in the wiki, however not much about Qt Creator.

Even if you look at the Qt site, their documentation is very sparse. There are large gaps.

I just want to program in QML without doing it by hand. That’s all I want.

I tried to use Qt Design Studio but it cannot be used for dynamic QML. I was told to go add the dynamic part in Qt Creator and then come back but the Qt Design Studio generated code doesn’t work in Qt Creator.

It has nothing to do with installing it.

It seems the plugin may be buggy (see the first link I posted).

Ok but there were many people who are using it. So I just wanted to know what they did.

This is all that Qt has on it:

Using Qt Quick Designer

We recommend that you use a separate visual editor, Qt Design Studio to open and edit UI files (.ui.qml).

However, you can enable the Qt Quick Designer plugin in Qt Creator for editing UI files. The functionality is restricted and not all Qt Design Studio features are supported.

To use Qt Quick Designer, switch to the Design mode when a ui.qml or .qml file is open.

For more information about using Qt Quick Designer, see Qt Design Studio Manual.

See also Enable and disable plugins.

Creating Qt Quick Projects

I wonder if maybe Qt6 never worked with the plugin. I haven’t seen anything about that. The fact that they point to the Qt Design Studio doc seems to indicate it is just Design Studio that is supposed to come up anyway.

But that isn’t actually documented anywhere.

All I’ve seen is people with the same problem as you…but I suppose that’s what I was looking for.

Including me, that’s how I found the error message that you forgot to include. :smiley: