Cannot install Nvidia Driver correctly

Hi guys. recently i installed manjaro kde. i want to use only Nvidia and don’t use Intel integrated graphic(because it doesn’t work good on 4K resolution)
when i install for example video-nvidia-455xx it install successfully but after restart system start and i see only black screen. please help me (sorry for my bad english)

Welcome to Manjaro

Please when posting try to provide good information about your system as suggested in this post:

Now, I suspect that you will need Nvidia-455xx-prime to get things going.

  1. In terminal you could type sudo mhwd -a pci video-nvidia-455xx-prime
  2. Install optimus-manager to get the ability to choose only Nvidia, can look at the docs here and GitHub here. NOTE: Check the installation procedure on these two pages.
  3. You could install optimus-manager-qt from pamac (the add/remove app)

In order to get these settings running, you will need to reboot.
Optional: Have optimus-manager start when computer boots

IF you use steam you might need to install vulkan-mesa-layers so games launches.
More infor here:

and here: