Can not update OS update in package manager

as stated there is an update for OS Updates in the package manager but it simple won’t update . i can’t do anything else with it . anyone have a step by step to fix this .

Hello @phill,

which package manager do you use. Pamac GUI or Octopi? And to really help you we need to know which error occur while trying to install the update.

For only to know how to use the package managers take a look in the Wiki please. :grinning:

i think it’s Pamac . no idea on error as only going through the Add/Remove software

Hi! Just out of curiosity, where is that package from? I cannot find it anywhere in the repos.

just popped up when checking for update’s . been a few weeks now

Interesting. Using Manjaro - Branch Compare and Pamac does not find anything. Maybe that’s the reason why you can’t update. Maybe you can check if anything depends on it, and if not, remove it.

Never heard of this package, I bet it is not even a Manjaro package at all. My second bet is that the user added foreign repositories.

Please post the output from this command:

pamac checkupdates

this is it

just did pamac update and is still their can’t remove it

try this command:

flatpak upgrade

and check if that package is still there

just did flatpak upgrade and it has gone . thank you for the help .

For the note:

so this problem has come back . this OS Update package is back , did flatpak upgrade but it didn’t work this time . i’m at a loss

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