[Call for testers] Manjaro Unity Community Edition

Manjaro Unity Community Edition

This is a community edition using the Unity7 desktop environment (which was recently ported to Arch; this edition is based on the same port), and has been made as part of a collaboration between Ubuntu Unity and Manjaro.

We have a release candidate ISO ready and would like to get your feedback. Do report any bugs you find in this thread.

You can download it from here:

I would like to thank @philm for collaborating with Ubuntu Unity to produce this edition.

Known bugs

  • None so far


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I used Unity on Ubuntu from birth to death. It will be good to try it this time in manjaro thanks.

Sorry for my English.


First of all thank you so much for making this possible.
I just want to ask a question,
When is the iso will be available at Manjaro Downloads ?

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When will pass the RC stage.


Is this a Manjaro community edition, or a user created unofficial spin?

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This will be officially supported as I’m involved in the development. @rs2009 will take lead on this one and I’m mentoring. The packages are still in a separate repo until we got rid of the outdated dependencies like gtk2 and python2 and others. More details can be found on the project page: GitHub - manjaro/unity-for-manjaro: Port of Unity 7.6 for Manjaro Stable Branch


That’s interesting news :thinking: :eyes:

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Maybe you guys can get more testers if you provide a Live-ISO version of it :wink:
(No idea if you already did, i just glimpsed at the link)

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They did! :wink:

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We shared the release download page of github. The ISO is found in a split-zip archive as Github has a file size limit of 2 GBs. Issues can be posted here: Issues · manjaro/unity-for-manjaro · GitHub


You might include some info on how to unpack that archive, for those that are unfamiliar with split-archives :shushing_face:
See: Combining 2 iso files


It is a zip-achive with 2 files … you only need to double-click the zip-file of both … and your archive-program will help you to extract an single iso-file. :wink:

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@kisun, thanks for explaning it here, but they need to provide that info on the repo’s README for those unfamiliar with split-archives :slight_smile:
Preferably duplicated or linked to, in the release page, where the iso is released :wink:


Ah, possibly my problem that I think that there no explaination is necessary for someone who try or install different OSs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, perhaps you are right. :laughing:

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Why you think i posted a link to that thread :rofl:

Yes we are spamming this thread with kind-of off-topic chatter, but it exposes it more at same time :angel: :wink:


Also, I’ve now removed all the dependencies on gtk2 and python2.


I probably will not install it. But I was intrigued enough by Unity back in the day that I made my launch panel of my lappy on the large external 2 monitor set up on the right side instead of the left. KDE has other Unity like features that are cool.


using it as main systum and i all work good
unity not bad really its the compney behind it that is not very goood


Using it on one of my machines. No problems installing additional software or upgrading packages until now. Nice work, Unity Desktop has an easy to use work flow. Really thank you.

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I should have a spare machine shortly, so as soon as I can get the files down (Several hours on my slow Internet), I’ll give it a go.

I used Unity after KDE 4 made life difficult.

No Sorry can’t help. If it was a Torrent, yeah no probs, It just takes too long to come down

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