Building a GUI for a Weather app, as it turns out, is useless.

So building a GUI around it is pointless.

After a great deal of testing the results from and comparing those with the web interface results of various weather reporting sites, I can say definitively, is useless.

So now I have to find a way to actually get a reponse from openweathermap.

Check their API.

I’ve tried registering using several different email addresses I have, and I am not getting the confirmation email.

Other than that, it should not be difficult, as they have lots of example code available.

I have been following you thread, I too live in a small AUS country town and had similar problems with getting weather info.
BoM data is available via anonomous FTP server. Current conditions are json files I download and strip out what I want. Weather warnins are via RSS. Rain radar and synoptic maps are also available. Forcast I get from Meteoblue. I display this all via conky. I can send you a screen grab of my desktop, and if this is what your after, I can send the conky files I use. All you need to do is modify addresses and layout.

@ madsalfred

Thanks I would be very interested in what you have.

I cant uplad a screengrab. I only just registered to reply to you. Is there somewhere I can find your email?

A long time ago I fiddled with AccuWeather and a tutorial to display a location using conky can be found in this topic

The sources for accu weather is in my repo

I have also played with openweather - I will lookup the files and post them. The prototype files for openweather is in my repo

linux-aarhus That’s OK, I’ll check it out anyway. I may have a login to AccuWeather, so it could be helpful.

After all that, I’ve found a weather App that knows where I live… and it doesn’t require an api key.

It’s just called weather, it’s available as a Flatpak.

I even managed to get an Openweathermap api key, but now I don’t think I need it.

That’s a GNOME app, so I would imagine that the gnome project got the API key and included it in the app.

From your profile description you are using KDE Plasma. I found that GitHub - rliwoch/plasmoid-wunderground-extended: KDE5 Plasma Weather Widget (Wunderground Extended) has quite nice features and you don’t need any api key or to create an account

You can install it via Add Widgets > Get more widgets in Edit mode on Desktop and then either place it on your Panel or directly on Desktop.

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I found kweather, which seems to be the KDE Plasma version of Weather, it’s also in the official repositories, so I uninstalled Weather and installed KWeather.

So after all this I have what appears to be an unnecessary openweathermaps API key.