Weather Widget Woes

I go back and forth between KDE and Gnome. I love the beauty of KDE, but the practicality of Gnome wins me over. The two glitches I continually have are with the weather widget and the cpu temps. The usual weather widget included with the KDE never seems to refresh after system restart. All I get is a question mark. Second, I would like an integrated CPU temp. I don’t need CPU and memory info. I have tried several weather widgets and CPU widgets to no satisfaction. On Gnome, I can get consistent weather two miles from my house. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Build/install for weather, or try this one

For CPU/GPU/SSD/HDD temperatures, the plasma-applet-thermal-monitor from official repository does the job for me, but you have to make sure you configure it properly.

Get closer than two miles when using KDE Plasma. :sunglasses:

I had to scroll through the weather data providers before I found one that worked properly. Wetter data didn’t update regularly or was inaccurate, but NOAA works well for my area.