[Bug Report] Pacman shows updated AUR Packages as orphaned

I updated Virtual Studio Code and hit pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qdtq) to remove unused Packages, but on this I saw, the updated AUR Packages same on vmware Workstation 14. So is this a Bug on Pamac or on Pacman?

Any sulotion on this?

For any reason, this package is marked as installed as a dependency. To solve it you can mark this package as explicitly installed. You can do it from Pamac GUI.


Never knowen this feature exist thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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For me, 5 out of my 9 AUR packages were shown as orphans for some reason. Marking them as explicitly installed did solve the issue though. :+1:

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Fixed in Pamac 9.5.8

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