Bug: Installing Wine staging changes permissions for /var/lib/sddm/.config

Where does one file a bug with Manjaro? Nothing is on the main Manjaro site.

Anyway, was testing loading from a portable hard drive that has the entire repository, it is clear we have a bug as I did it twice on two seperate installs, and the second time I narrowed it down to Wine Staging. The only things I added during this boot was Wine Staging and Winetricks. No other changes were made.

How to reproduce: If you install Wine Staging with all the options (including lib32) from pamac, it changes the permissions on /var/lib/sddm/.config to root:root from sddm:sddm. This causes an error on startup that stops system loading because KDE can no longer write to this file system.

Work Around: Pull up a CLI outside of KDE (Konsole / KDE will not let you make changes to this file system - Ctrl-Alt-F2) chown -R sddm:sddm /var/lib/sddm/.config. You may also want to change the permissions of .config back to its default of 700.

You can see the PKGBUILD from Arch Linux (as Manjaro inherits it from there) and has nothing to change the permissions on that sddm folder

The issue was mentioned on the forum a couple of times already and other platforms/forums too:


And the issue was addressed upstream quite some time ago already.

I am telling it is coming from Wine Staging and it is still there.

I loaded the same thing on two systems and that is when the error happened. Either that or Winetricks.

I did not test with Pacman so I do not know if it is an issue with Pamac or not.

Edit: Note it is likely coming from one of the optional dependencies if I had to guess. I just installed them all.

Right, so the list gets longer then? :sweat_smile: Not asking you to turn into Cinderella and provide the exact culprit/package on this, because Manjaro is not packaging any of those packages anyway, but maybe explain what you installed, if you also installed the lib32 dependencies/optional ones or not, because just installing wine-staging on my end had no effect on /var/lib/sddm/.config …

Just loaded a third system from scratch. Used normal wine this time. Same problem yet again.

It is 100% reproducable with a new install. My main desktop that has been running Manjaro for years does not have the problem. Only a brand new install does.

Did not add anything extra to normal wine this time.

I have wine-staging installed and I don’t have this issue, but I don’t have all the optional dependencies.

Only install the ones you need.

I hear you. My desktop has it installed without issue.

The fact this bug remains after all these years and I can trace it to the installation of one piece of software helps i am sure, but why it is happening I cannot say.

If you read the net, this same problem crops up for many to this day. I never experienced it that I remember (Note this is not to say I didn’t fix it years ago and not remembered) until now.

Here is another Manjaro user 18 days ago:

I have WINE and Winetricks installed, and I never encountered this issue on multiple installations on various computers over the years.

Here are the optional dependencies I have installed for both packages:

[omano@omano-nvme ~]$ pacman -Qi wine
Name            : wine
Version         : 7.7-1
Description     : A compatibility layer for running Windows programs
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : http://www.winehq.com
Licenses        : LGPL
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : fontconfig  lib32-fontconfig  lcms2  lib32-lcms2  libxml2  lib32-libxml2  libxcursor  lib32-libxcursor
                  libxrandr  lib32-libxrandr  libxdamage  lib32-libxdamage  libxi  lib32-libxi  gettext  lib32-gettext
                  freetype2  lib32-freetype2  glu  lib32-glu  libsm  lib32-libsm  gcc-libs  lib32-gcc-libs  libpcap
                  lib32-libpcap  faudio  lib32-faudio  desktop-file-utils
Optional Deps   : giflib [installed]
                  libpng [installed]
                  lib32-libpng [installed]
                  libldap [installed]
                  lib32-libldap [installed]
                  gnutls [installed]
                  lib32-gnutls [installed]
                  mpg123 [installed]
                  openal [installed]
                  lib32-openal [installed]
                  v4l-utils [installed]
                  libpulse [installed]
                  lib32-libpulse [installed]
                  alsa-plugins [installed]
                  lib32-alsa-plugins [installed]
                  alsa-lib [installed]
                  lib32-alsa-lib [installed]
                  libjpeg-turbo [installed]
                  lib32-libjpeg-turbo [installed]
                  libxcomposite [installed]
                  lib32-libxcomposite [installed]
                  libxinerama [installed]
                  lib32-libxinerama [installed]
                  libxslt [installed]
                  lib32-libxslt [installed]
                  gst-plugins-base-libs [installed]
                  vkd3d [installed]
                  lib32-vkd3d [installed]
                  sdl2 [installed]
                  lib32-sdl2 [installed]
                  libgphoto2 [installed]
                  sane [installed]
                  gsm [installed]
                  cups [installed]
Required By     : winetricks
Optional For    : lutris
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 490,87 MiB
Packager        : Felix Yan <felixonmars@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : sam. 23 avril 2022 01:38:25
Install Date    : lun. 25 avril 2022 16:35:57
Install Reason  : Installed as a dependency for another package
Install Script  : Yes
Validated By    : Signature
[omano@omano-nvme ~]$ pacman -Qi winetricks
Name            : winetricks
Version         : 20220411-1
Description     : Script to install various redistributable runtime libraries in Wine.
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             : https://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks
Licenses        : LGPL
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : cabextract  perl  unzip  xorg-xmessage  wine
Optional Deps   : zenity: GUI for GNOME desktop [installed]
                  kdialog: GUI for KDE desktop [installed]
Required By     : None
Optional For    : lutris
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 946,75 KiB
Packager        : Felix Yan <felixonmars@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : sam. 23 avril 2022 20:55:26
Install Date    : lun. 25 avril 2022 16:35:57
Install Reason  : Explicitly installed
Install Script  : No
Validated By    : Signature

To find the culprit, I guess one could make a Manjaro VM and do a clean install, stop the VM, duplicate it, and start with the duplicate machine installing WINE and all the optional dependencies I have installed, and go from there, adding each optional dependency and rebooting to see when the issue triggers. The duplicate machine would be here to simply restart fresh by duplicating it again instead of reinstalling every time (in case you make a mistake, or want to add half the remaining dependencies, reboot, and restart with a clean machine when the half you add triggers the issue).

I also have the regular wine package installed.

For figuring out the culprit, one could use the Install Date section of the package, along with the modification date of sddm-greeterrc.

The latest installed package just before the modification date of sddm-greeterrc could be the one to blame.

Or one could upgrade each dependency one by one with pacman -S [package], and check after each install the owner of sddm-greeterrc.

I have a new install on an AMD this time. I will be testing this again shortly. I will only install staging (+ the dependencies I need) and post back if it does it again. Of course it has been some time since I have done this so maybe it is fixed.

Taking some notes here before I do this:
sddm - 755 sddm sddm
.config - 755 root root

The above file doesn’t even exist in this directory at this time. Now I am confused.

   /var/lib/sddm/.config  ls -la  :heavy_check_mark:
total 12
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 29 05:10 .
drwxr-xr-x 13 sddm sddm 4096 Aug 17 04:54 …
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 3413 Jul 29 05:10 kdeglobals

Only kdeglobals which has a permission of 644 and root root.


The problem seems to be fixed guys. Thanks to anyone that actually did work on it. This problem is no longer a problem that I can see.

I have wine staging installed and I selected all the 32 bit libraries to support 32 bit in Wine and I didn’t run into a single problem.

I spoke too soon… I may have finally found it. It happened ‘after’ I made a nvidia.conf file under X11. This would make sense as now KDE wants to write to this folder the changes.

I am using proprietary NVidia drivers.

I now have the following files in this directory:

-rw-r–r-- 1 sddm sddm 3413 Jul 29 05:10 kdeglobals
-rw------- 1 sddm sddm 633 Aug 18 19:04 user-dirs.dirs
-rw-r–r-- 1 sddm sddm 5 Aug 18 19:04 user-dirs.locale

The locked file is nothing special either. This is what it wrote in user-dirs.dirs:

  GNU nano 6.4                                   ./user-dirs.dirs                                             
# This file is written by xdg-user-dirs-update
# If you want to change or add directories, just edit the line you're
# interested in. All local changes will be retained on the next run.
# Format is XDG_xxx_DIR="$HOME/yyy", where yyy is a shell-escaped
# homedir-relative path, or XDG_xxx_DIR="/yyy", where /yyy is an
# absolute path. No other format is supported.

My laptop did not have an nvidia.conf file and still had the same problem.

I think the .config file just installs with the wrong permissions. It may not even have its permissions changed. It is only when something wants to write to this directory that the issue crops up and the issue didn’t crop up until after I loaded wine, which then triggered something on a future reboot.

Hopefully fixed in future KDE releases. I give up on it. Easy enough to fix.

Can you tell us a perfect reproduction for this bug. I use WINE, I use Winetricks, I use KDE, I use Nvidia, and I can’t reproduce your issue. Tell us exactly what to do to produce the bug, I will do tests in VM.

This issue might have been related to manuskript install … or python-pyqt5 and/or python-pyqt5-sip packages. See this comment: