Configuration file "/var lib/sddm/.config/sddm-greeterrc" not writable

I install manjaro kde plasma. After I upgrade system and show up this screen. What I do?

Where I write this commant?

Press Ctrl+Alt+F3 and log in at the tty as yourself. Then issue the command… :arrow_down:

sudo chown -R sddm:sddm /var/lib/sddm/.config

Then press Ctrl+D to exit the session and press Alt+F1 to return to SDDM.

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Not opening.

Try rebooting.

Not opening but error not show up.

I had the same issue and also for me, changing the ownership of that path, solved the problem.
Perhaps this setting should be fixed in the KDE installation flavour of Manjaro, right? To have continuous improvmenent…

You are replying to a thread that was abandoned over a month ago due to the issue already having been fixed upstream shortly afterwards. :roll_eyes: