Best practices for informing a maintainer of a new version of a package in Manjaro's repositories


I’m not sure if this topic is placed in the right category, but I’m wondering what’s the best way to inform package maintainers for new versions.

I know there is an e-mail provided, so I’m supposed to e-mail that person. But imagine the (over)flow of e-mails when a package get an update. It’s quite a time waste for me to send a mail to the maintainer when someone else already did that.

The way how the AUR addressed this, is quite elegant. Registered users just have to send a form, preferably with urls to the changelog and the new version release page.

Isn’t it an idea to do something the same? I’m thinking of opening one topic to address new releases of packages with are in the Manjaro repositories. To be clear: not a topic per package for now. Would be considerable when it will be a mess to put it in one topic.

If it is really a package build by Manjaro Develeopers post in thist hread

But most packages are not build by Manjaro Develeopers. These packages are directly imported form Arch.
search and use “Flag Package Out-of-Date”

Also check this post


Thanks, it seems I misinterpreted the “This section is for developers only.”-description of the Development-category.

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