Authentication failed

Hi guys, I’m trying to install a package from the software manager (gui), but it tells me “Authentication failed”.
Via terminal I can install packages
Do you know what it could be?
Thanks in advance.

wrong password? :sunglasses:

He doesn’t even ask me

Hi @Hydra2424,

Well, if we have only that to go on, it means that for some reason authentication failed when accessing Sofware Manager.

I don’t know how excperienced you are with Linux, so apologies if this is a bit to basic. In Linux, of which Manjaro is a distribution, root access is needed to install software. You set the root password during installation. DO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD! (Although, it is something from which can be recovered.)

When prompted for sudo or root access, as the Software manager will do, enter this password.

I hope this helps.

@Hydra2424 , you need the polkit daemon running and a polkit authentication agent, see here

Polkit - ArchWiki

Another potential reason is described here:

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I already installed polkit, but I don’t know how to create polkit agent

I would start updating the system first, e.g. by

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Then install the agent package for your specific DE as described in the ArchWiki link.

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I solved it by simply re-downloading these packages
sudo pacman -S polkit polkit-kde-agent polkit-qt5 lib32-polkit

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