AUR vs. Arch Linux repos

If I am not wrong, Arch has its Official repo and AUR, which is an unofficial community-driven repo. In AUR, we have at the moment neovim v0.6. On Official Arch Linux repo, we have the neovim v0.7.

I know how to install from AUR, but is it possilble install form the Arch’s Official repo?

PS: I am newbie in arch-based distro, so please, have mercy.

It is possible to install an Arch package. Just download it manually, open a terminal in the same folder and then install it with pacman -U <package_filename>

Be advised that Manjaro is not Arch, so not every package is going to work this way and in some cases there can be bad effects, but I think that Neovim should be fine (I can’t be 100% sure about that anyway)

Of course, you can also just wait a little bit as version 7 of Neovim is already in Unstable repo of Manjaro and eventually it will reach the stable repo. But it’s not possible beforehand to know how much it will take to reach to stable.

MInd this though - installing a package directly from Arch repo - may cause a partial update if that package dependes on a specific library.

You would benefit from switching branch to unstable. Packages from Arch repo are synced to unstable repos within a few hours of appearing in Arch stable.

And while the naming may sound frightening - it is not something to scare you away.

The unstable is a reference to Manjaro specific packages such as kernels and kernel modules - not Arch itself.

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And that is also available on out unstable branch


You can make use of Manjaro - Branch Compare to see that.
So, in principle you can also install it from our repos, even if on stable branch, but from an unstable mirror.
For example:

sudo pacman -U

Manjaro official repo is directly from Arch official repo, but it will be a delay for bug fixes.

When you have a question about package version, always check Manjaro Branch Compare. See @bogdancovaciu reply.

The current procedure for outdated packages is:

From: Questions about when a package gets updated

  1. Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

    This thread is here to request updates for packages that are in the official repositories of Manjaro and that are imported directly from Arch Linux 12.

  2. Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

    This thread is here to request updates for packages that are in the official repositories of Manjaro and that are built+signed by the Manjaro team.

Nice, thank you very much! But if I didn’t find my desired version even in the unstable branch, what would I do?

And in that scenario a newer version exists where? If there is in Arch Linux repository then wait a couple of hours to get synced with our unstable repository, mention it on the forum if you feel things don’t move fast enough …

Ow nice! Fast enough for me :slight_smile: So Majaro is amazing haha tnks

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