An extension to change the accent color in Gnome

Since this was something some people have been requesting for a long time, I wanted to share with you the good news: there is a new extension that allows to change the accent colour of Gnome. It colours consistently both the shell (Extension User Themes needed to change the theme in Tweaks) and all the other apps. Simple and easy to use. For me it works fine, but the usual disclaimers apply.


gnome-shell-extension-custom-accent-colors package is already in unstable and testing branches.


Did we forget to review the latest #announcements:testing-updates thread? :wink:


Sorry, in this screenshot I see “Maia” as a color, but I don’t have it in my extension. Should it be there? How do I get it?

Only available on testing and unstable branches for now. If you switch to one of those, you can install it with

as was mentioned.
If you want to remain on stable branch, you can install it from AUR.
pamac build gnome-shell-extension-custom-accent-colors-git

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Wonderful. After many months, finally Manjaro GNOME is Maia green again!

Just FYI, the AUR package does not include the custom Maia theme. :wink:

Indeed. I saw it myself yesterday.