Can we expect some custom Manjaro theming for GNOME in the near future?

As the title says. Manjaro theming was “broken” by the arrival of GNOME 42. I remember reading that with GNOME 43 theming should have been brought back. I know about the existence of Gradience, but somehow the integration of light & dark mode, and gnome-shell theming is not satisfactory for me when using it. I would like to have a Manjaro GNOME theme that works out-of-the-box. Will it come back again?

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Hi @MattG,

While I don’t use Gnome and can really help, I see there is a package, manjaro-gnome-vanilla in the community repository that might do this for you:

$ pamac search vanilla
manjaro-gnome-vanilla                                                                                                                                                                                            0.4-3                            community
Tool for revert easly Manjaro Gnome in a Manjaro Vanilla Gnome

So you can install it using:

pamac install manjaro-gnome-vanilla

However, as I do not use Gnome, as I mentioned, this might not work as expected, since I can’t test it. But,

I hope it helps!

If you are not happy with the theming in gnome, a spin (unofficial community edition) might be an answer.

The Libadwaita Recoloring API has not yet been implemented upstream. You can track progress here: Recoloring API (#53) · Issues · GNOME / libadwaita · GitLab

In fact, it does did just the opposite. :wink:

EDIT: It’s deprecated and now dropped from the repos.

This utility allows you to reset to a vanilla GNOME session:
We remove all Manjaro GNOME customizations like extensions and


From what I see, the Recoloring API is not a top priority at the moment. Very slow progress.

AH OK. Well The description made it sound different to me. I took Manjaro Vanilla Gnome as before any User customisations are applied. My bad.


Manjaro devs were probably waiting for LibAdw api, but since its dragging its heels perhaps they can implement something themselves now?
Ive been enjoying manjaro-green shell & desktop for months with only a few simple additions to ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css & a modified adw-dark in ~/.themes/
Since its user specific overrides it can easily be disabled or removed later when the API comes out.


Would you mind sharing your configuration?

Sure, you can check out the details here: GitHub - riquezjp/Adw-green-dark: A 'quick fix' for Manjaro Green accents in Gnome42

In step 3 you dont need to change Legacy Apps to Adw-green, you can leave it as adw-dark & its generally just fine. You do want to set shell to adw-green

  • The official Manjaro green is #16a085, so you can replace my use of #419c8a in each css file.
    I really should update that hex colour, I did it before I knew the official one.

Might be of interest: An extension to change the accent color in Gnome

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