About the Feature Request category

Share with us any innovative ideas you might have.

Please read before requesting the addition of a package to the Manjaro repos:

Be aware: unless there’s an obvious need (or e.g. the package is unique) the answer will probably be “no”, and especially so if it’s already in the AUR.

Maintaining packages take a lot of time. Adding a package is not a one-off event and requires work by the package maintainer. Therefore, unless the package maintainer uses the software it’s very unlikely they will maintain a new package.

General points “for” inclusion might include:

  • Serves unique function/use-case
  • Adds a definite benefit to a wide range of users
  • Actively maintained but infrequent updates
  • I use it

General points “against” inclusion might include:

  • Another alternative already available in the repos (e.g. browsers, media players)
  • Niche (e.g. scientific software)
  • Proprietary or restrictive license
  • Old, outdated, unmaintained, AUR package
  • High-frequency/daily updates (e.g. -git packages)
  • Unreleased/pre-release software