Zvbi "stable" package is broken

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0.2.40 version, which is considered “stable” by manjaro, is broken.
Should be either updated in “stable” to 0.2.41, or downgraded to 0.2.39.

Some packages, like vlc-git from AUR, are broken because of that.

When you build something using PKGBUILD from AUR you must keep in mind that AUR buildscrsipts assume Arch stable and Manjaro stable is a 2-4 weeks behind Arch stable.

So either wait for the next stable snap or change branch to testing or unstable.

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Problem is obviously with zvbi in manjaro repo, not with AUR packages. Someone put unstable version of zvbi in stable branch of Manjaro packages.
Current version vlc-git from AUR on release wasn’t working for Arch stable either, until it was fixed after some time by updating zvbi in Arch stable.

Perhaps you are correct that the mentioned package may be flawed - but as you point out - so it was on Arch.

And AUR is unsupported on Arch and so on Manjaro and building vlc-git may depend on a package not yet in Manjaro stable.

Please educate yourself by reading the above linked topics.

If vlc-git is so important to you - you should switch branch to testing - as I mentioned before and become a first line of defence for you fellow community members.

I know there has been several topics over the years explaining the branch system.

I don’t know the exact figure but 99% of the packages in Manjaro repo is imported from Arch to unstable several times a day - I don’t know the exact interval.

The Manjaro branch system works by snapping the current state of testing to stable.

Depending on the feedback from users and how the packages interact with Manjaro on unstable branch there will be another snap.

This time the unstable branch is snapped to testing - this time depeding on the feedback from users at testing branch - and how the package inteact with the users systems there will be another snap of testing to stable.

This process can take from 2-4 weeks depending on how much issues the process generates for a Manjaro user.

You may use the thread Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux and post a request to fasttrack that specific package.

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