Zsh terminal is not normal

Hello everyone, my zsh terminal changed to new user zsh. how i can change terminal to default?

Systemsettings - appearance - colors ?

Select the default Konsole profile, maybe? :man_shrugging:

Konsole Settings Menu → Switch Profile

Zsh terminal is not normal

I agree.

$ echo $0


No matter what shell one prefers, ZSH is the default shell on the Manjaro KDE and GNOME edition with a custom theme.

I forgot exactly how @LordTermor set it up, but I believe @Aragorn is correct about the Konsole profile.

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Profiles is the way, yes.
Because on plasma they did it funny … where the system is technically still bash but the konsole profile uses zsh. Or something like that. I dont have any zsh things installed so none of my profiles are like that to check it exactly.
There is or was a thread detailing and discussing it somewheres …

Maybe this one?

( also bonus points for an old pkgfile derision :sweat_smile: )

:white_check_mark: Well, that’s out of the way now…

Sorry, slightly off-topic.

Yes, that’s how it is done in Plasma.

I still plan to change it, there were some topics about Plasma updates being broken when zsh is a login shell, I’ve tested it for a while and it works fine for me so maybe it’s worth to do it the same way it’s done in GNOME

When we put on the tiny, tiny shoes, which hurts the feet terribly - zsh is not even a terminal - it is a shell.

Konsole on the other hand is a terminal - which uses the shell configured for the active profile.

Just in case … :question:

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