Zenity 4.0.0 does not provide gdialog

Major update zenity 4.0.0 does not provide gdialog. It was deleted.

Alternative, yes/no branch

○ zenity --question --text=" $PWD :: XX…" && echo yes

✗ gdialog --yesno “$PWD continue…”&& echo yes

Apparently I was a speaker of an ancient language. In my case, a lot of revisions were needed.

I didn’t realize that this subcommand had been deleted, so I ended up restoring it many times.

I would be happy if it was helpful to someone.

Thanks for the warning; I use zenity quite a lot in various scripts.
Fortunately I already use --question rather than gdialog, but at least with your warning I knew I needed to check.

In my case, 66 scripts were applicable.
Cinnamon version. I use it from the right-click menu, not from the terminal.

In the end, for reasons unknown, several tools I use every day stopped working even when started from the terminal. So I downgraded it.

zenity-3.44.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst                 10-Aug-2023 16:58      3M
zenity-3.44.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst.sig             10-Aug-2023 16:58     141