[Stable Update] 2023-12-23 - Kernels, Grub, Mate, Deepin, Cinnamon, ICU, KDE Frameworks

Uncheck the tick and hit apply, but…
Seems this is miss and miss. Can you simply roll back before the update and redo it logged-out in tty?
Did you install new themes, window layout or so recently? When they’re old ones, they can mess up things simply by installing I think. Happened the me with the Gruvbox Plasma Style I believe.

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Have experienced an issue with this as it broke a package. Its an AUR package so I will post in the appropriate forum and link there rather than clutter this announcement

My issue was with icu73. As pointed out by this post the solution was to install it again directly from AUR. Should have done a bit more research :sweat_smile:

You probably should. Everything I’ve read about this seems to point to strongly recommending running the grub-install and grub-mkconfig, plus all of their necessary variables after them.

For sure, Time Shift is a good option, and I may opt to use it again at some point. At the very least I do keep a USB flash drive with Manjaro on it for rescue situations.


It does now with 0.5.7-20 coming along shortly.

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Managed to get it back through installing another theme and then returning to my original theme, unfortunately lost my sticky note’s widget and its contents somewhere.

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Bluetooth now reports the battery level of my earbuds! Sweet!

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So, probably the safest option for a common user would be to mark grub as not upgradeable. Is it so? Would that be safe for future? For that sounds logical to me. And probably, if any important improvement, or better, important patch for problems, would be added, probably would be explained properly in the announcement of the update, and so we can unblock this package and take the needed cares…

or install install-grub , as I’ve just read.

anycase, it would be, I think, something interesting to be advised when installing Manjaro at first time, and probably recommended also to existing users.

Install “install-grub” and forget it. It will update automatically in the future.


One curious (though I presume not problematic) new thing after this update: from time to time my journal is getting messages:

Dec 29 14:33:54 antwerp pamac-tray-plasma[3781823]: fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /var)
Dec 29 14:33:54 antwerp pamac-tray-plasma[3781823]: Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).

I’m curious ('cos I’m that sort of person) to know what this isreally telling me.

For the grub stuff, I did this:

sudo -i
grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --recheck --bootloader-id=Manjaro
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

On one machine, I dual boot windows and Manjaro. I did not have to change anything in Bios.
On another machine, it’s Manjaro only. I got a “grub_is_shimlock_enabled” error.
So I changed the boot order in Bios, and the problem went away.

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For that machine, which has only Manjaro on, after updating grub, it’s recommended to sync the fallback EFI loader to avoid that lock.

sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/Manjaro/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/boot/bootx64.efi

That’s why you had to change the boot order, so now it points to the updated grubx64.efi instead of bootx64.efi.

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What changed for me after this update or the one before was something I don’t really use much. It had to re-set the graphics sensors for the third-party pages Graphics and some AMD/Radeon pages (in Plasma System Monitor).
Guess those went to “GPU 2” which is now listed extra, next to my onboard “GPU”…

sticky note ? Maybe here → ~/.local/share/plasma_notes

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I copied the loader, then changed Bios back to original boot order.
Works great.

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Thanks for the Update! With the links and explanations provided for the grub reinstall in the “Known issues” sections everything went smoothly for my BIOS/MBR system and I also learned some things :slight_smile:

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