Yaourt update & upgrade it's not working

hello guys i have an issue with yaourt update command I’m on manjaro gnome

i use yaourt -Suya --noconfirm but it’s not working

i make search but i don’t find any solution i got this message

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Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Yaourt has neither been in the Manjaro repos nor the AUR for years. It is no longer developed, insecure and you will receive no support whatsoever using it.

Remove it and use pacman, pamac or yay.

See also:

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thank you bro

oh good because i think the issues from my laptop what you recommend me to use ?

yay or pamac

thank you to help me :heavy_heart_exclamation:

If your intention is to use custom buildscripts from AUR please use testing or unstable branch.

Using custom scripts on stable branch is unsupported.

The longer version → see [Need-To-Know] About Manjaro and AUR

That said - Pamac is created for Manjaro …

They work in different ways and they serve different purposes.

  • pamac is a complete package manager that’s compatible with the ALPM.

  • yay is only a wrapper around pacman.

Generally speaking, yay has less issues than pamac, but it does not handle Snaps or FlatPaks, while pamac does.

The choice is yours. :wink:

Thank you bro. I have benefited from this you a lot.

Thank you bro. I have benefited from this you a lot.

i will use it both.

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Better decide for yay (in combination with pacman) or pamac.

yes of course i will

i have another question please how can i update and upgrade the system and all apps sources yay pacman pamac with cron

Please start another thread about that. It is better for retrieving information if only one problem is handled per thread. :wink:

Concretely however I will say this: it’s not the right approach. First of all there is no set time for when there will be updates, and secondly, updating your system should not be left unattended because of all the messages that will appear during the update process, and the manual intervention potentially required during the update process (e.g. confirmations and choices among alternatives) and after updating (e.g. tending to .pacnew files).

Thank you for your information so how can i always still on updates

This is the first time I have seen forum members respond to questions quickly. Thank you

Watch your update notifier icon in the system tray. It will flash red when there are updates.

Also, regularly check the forum, and subscribe to notifications for the Stable Updates category, because updates are bundled and will always come with a dedicated announcement thread. The second post of that thread will always warn of potential difficulties with that update, and how to fix them.

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You appear to have many questions. :wink: But as I said… :point_down: