Xorg loads the wrong driver

Hi everyone,
recently I had to remove a hdmi->dvi reduction from my setup, and I can not use my nvidia gpu that way with my current monitor. What I’ve done, is disconnected the power cable from the nvidia gpu, because I had no graphics at all, even at boot I couldn’t see the motherbard’s logo.

With the cable disconnected I can see the grub menu, and can select manjaro, but the Xorg server loads the nvidia driver and it throws an error at the end, so I can only use tty rn, by adding the number 3 to the grub option of manjaro linux.

I’ve installed the video-linux driver with mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300, but the configuration files for the xorg server didn’t change and they contain the nvidia configuration (there are at least 5-6 conf files all around /etc which may or may not be relevant, like 90-mhwd.conf, mhwd-gpu.conf, modules.conf[empty] and I’m sure I’ve made some changes to the xorg.conf with the nvidia controlpanel in the past).

This is a desktop, not a laptop, so I don’t know whether the prime/bumblebee thingies should work, but I’d be happy to boot into a tty and run a “detect and setup” command again when I’ll get my setup complete and can reconnect the nvidia gpu, because I am not going to use the intel card then.

Is there a way, to generate and place the .conf files to the right places by mhwd? It gets done automatically when installing the OS, so I guess, it’s possible.

I’d rather not do this manually, because I don’t wanna mess up anything because I’m working on my bachelor project and in the near future I ought to get a new reduction and I want to return using the nvidia card then, until I can buy a new monitor.

The nvidia is an RTX 2070 SUPER and the cpu (with the integrated graphics) is an i5 9600k.
I am using the nonfree driver for the nvidia card (it’s not listed by mhwd - li strangely, maybe it’s because I’ve disconnected the card) and the free video-linux for the intel, although I specified to install nonfree.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Long description but no useful information or your current config.

Thank you for your answer. Please specify what information do you need precisely, because the only option I have is to copy it by hand from the computer to the phone, because pastebinit returns with http error 405.

Actually I don’t think you need any information about my configuration. My question was: is mhwd able to generate and place it’s config files to the right place, or do I have to do it manually.

The long description was there to clarify my intent and describe the situation, because all I’ve found is people wanting to turn their nvidia driver on and the solutions mostly contained altering config files by hand or using some nvidia specific utility (nvidia-settings, bumblebee, prime,…) and I want to do the opposite.

I thought this forum was the right place to ask this question, because it’s a manjaro utility application and it’s related to graphics. I even picked plasma as a tag, so that all of you know, that I’m on kde plasma, but it doesnt even get lodaded, because xorg failes to launch.

The question, imho has nothing to do with my specific configuration, correct me if I’m wrong and please specify exactly what information should I supply, or give me an alternative to copying everything by hand.

Thank you in advance

One proper log is worth more than a thousand words of description.

  1. I don’t know why you suppose that kernel load wrong driver module (kernel do it not Xorg), you should give output:
  1. I don’t know which drivers you use – you installed both free and nonfree, and which (if anyone) is loaded (or even installed):
mhwd -li
inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width
  1. It’s Xorg issue, so you should provide some Xorg logs, these logs are stored in file:
  1. Maybe there is other error related with your drivers, so you should provide some logs:
journalctl -p 0..3 -b
  1. At last, you messed with your configuration, so even built-in tools may not be able to restore your settings, in that case you should find cause and repair it manually:
    Xorg - ArchWiki
    NVIDIA - ArchWiki

Thank you for your answer.

I really appreciate the effort you put in it.

Now again. I dont wanna fix my configuration. It works. I want to alter it. I cant paste logs, because I would have to type it in my phone, because I can only acces a tty and as I’ve mentioned I can’t use the tool named pastebinit, because it returns with http error 405, hence I asked you to specify exactly what information you need, so I can look it up and type it here.

I’m curious whether mhwd can generate and place config files to their respective places or do I have to alter them manually.

Oh and the free and nonfree driver thing, as I said, I installed the intel driver with
mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 but as a result it installed the free intel driver named video-linux. I know that the nvidia driver is loaded, because the Xorg log said so, and all the tools I’ve used verified it. I may not understand what is loading what, sorry for my mistake, but I said what I read in the logs. Driver: nvidia

I don’t need technical help for now, I need information about a tool specific to this distribution, not to my configuration.

If you still think you need information about my configuration, please specify exactly what information from the mentioned logs you need and I’ll look it up for you, but I don’t have time to type in pages of text carefully into my phone.

Thank you in advance

No kidding, everything works, but you can’t paste logs because you use phone :man_facepalming:

But ok, if you don’t want help I won’t answer you here anymore. Bye :wave:

Well if you can’t answer a simple question regarding a tool, named mhwd, I don’t think you are the right person to help me either.

Thank you for your time. I’d appreciate if you could redirect someone with better skills in reading with understanding and actually willing to help, not only argue.

Have a nice day.