XFCE panel plugin FULL support in Manjaro

since XFCE is one of the main spins of Manjaro, I think that could be really great if all the plugins of xfce-4 panel were added in Manjaro


Some of these are really usefull, for example, I think that xfce4-docklike-plugin (that really improve the functions of the tasklist to another level) and xfce4-places plugin should be a must in every distro



Those are in the AUR. Without looking at the rest, I bet almost if not all of them not in the repos are in the AUR.

Please see the pinned post:

My request was intended to ask if they could be available in the Manjaro XFCE spin, considering that some packages by AUR was added in our repositories ( for example palemoon-bin )

I personally think that AUR shouldn’t be an excuse for not adding useful packages to Manjaro, as AUR is NOT guaranteed as safe and secure repository by the way …