XFCE 4.16 panel - systray crash with temviewer

I have problem after update xfce from 1.14 to 4.16.
Statustray plugin crashes after running temviewer.
This is identical as is described in arch and solution in gitlab xfce org:

statustray: Prevent crash when parsing properties (Fixes [#379])

How can i solve this as beginner?

Which is exactly here: Status Tray Plugin crashes in 14.16 (#379) · Issues · Xfce / xfce4-panel · GitLab
And has been closed as fixed two weeks ago: statustray: Prevent crash when parsing properties (Fixes #379) (!26) · Merge Requests · Xfce / xfce4-panel · GitLab

So, since you still experienced such issue, you can report it again in #379

Thanks for links, i can not add url links to my posts.
Problem solved in master branch of xfce-panel, but in manjaro repository is branch 4.16 without fixes [#379]. I can not how apply this fix to my manjro. This is patch to source and i am beginner and i can not compile and install fixed version of xfce-panel.

So you’ll have to wait :slight_smile:

Wait… Another user has encountered the same issue:

[Stable Update] 2021-01-19 - Kernels, XFCE, Plasma, PulseAudio, Pipewire, Mesa, Firefox, Thunderbird, KDE Apps - #16 by audialche

So shoundn’t be related.

Thanks, i will have wait for official fix.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Status Tray plugin crash with Team viewer installed. Waiting for official fix.

As was pointed out, a fix has been applied and it should appear in the next release of xfce4-panel. The patch works, because I applied it and the tray no longer crashes when teamviewer is started. The teamviewer icon does not appear in the tray, however (the xfce dev thinks there’s a problem with the teamviewer tray item).

This is an issue with xfce 4.16. It didn’t appear for me until that update.

For now, you can ignore the tray crash warning while using teamviewer. Once teamviewer is closed completely (Connection menu>exit), you can click the option in the warning to restart the tray.

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Or downgrading just the panel to 4.14 works too.

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I have just got teamviewer v15.14.5-1 update from AUR

The tray icon is still crashing Xfce system tray, but Teamviewer is working and restarting the tray works after Teamviewer is closed

EDIT - after [Stable Update] 2021-02-09 installed xfce4-panel 4.16.1-1, no more tray crashes and no Teamviewer tray icon

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I just updated Teamviewer to 15.15.2 (from their website) and now a blank space appears in the tray, no icon, but it is usable. Progress!

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