Plugin "Status Tray Plugin" unexpectedly left the panel do you want to restart it?

after trying to fix my grub

updating a bunch of things and restarting my computer I get this message
and my status tray is missing
before I restarted my computer I was also trying to reinstall a python library that wasn’t working but I doubt that has anything to do with it.
maybe I should just reinstall Manjaro. I really don’t want to but a bunch of things just arn’t working and reinstalling Manjaro, in theory, should fix all of it.

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Had the same issue. Just fixed it by running the previous LTS kernel from grub.

Same happened to me. Apparently it is caused by Teamviewer see latest comments in the AUR package You can always add the items again by right click on panel (at date-time area) / Panel / Add New Items / Status Tray Plugin and then move it to the desired position.
Add Item →
Select Status Tray Plugin →

Well it looks like I will be reinstalling manjaro.
And not installing TeamViewer.

Came here for this, left satisfied - thanks.
I can confirm that as long as TeamViewer is running, Status Tray Plugin will keep crashing when added. Once TeamViewer is gone, Status Tray Plugin can be added back to the panel just fine.

Latest update has xfce-panel patched to not be crashed by teamviewer