Wxmaxima not buildable

On attempting to update wxmaxima, there is a build problem, with many messages like:

In file included from /home/james/.cache/yay/wxmaxima-git/src/wxmaxima/src/main.cpp:49:
/home/james/.cache/yay/wxmaxima-git/src/wxmaxima/build/addprivatefonts.h: In function ‘void addprivatefonts()’:
/home/james/.cache/yay/wxmaxima-git/src/wxmaxima/build/addprivatefonts.h:7:91: error: ‘AddPrivateFont’ is not a member of ‘wxFont’
    7 |     if (wxFileExists("/usr/share/wxMaxima/fonts/LibertinusKeyboard-Regular.otf")) wxFont::AddPrivateFont("/usr/share/wxMaxima/fonts/LibertinusKeyboard-Regular.otf");
      |                                                                                           ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is (I think) not connected to this issue: Meeting wxwidgets and wxwidgets-common requirements is suddenly complicated - #4 by outsidefactor as the reason that there was a new package is that the AUR maintainer of wxmaxima acted with commendable celerity in updating his package.

I have also reported this on AUR but thought it worthwhile adding a note here both as a heads-up and also in case (unlikely I think) that it is in fact a Manjaro-specific problem.

When comes about AUR packages there is nothing Manjaro-specific to them. Most of those packages are made to run with current stable Arch Linux packages/libraries, hence wxwidgets-gtk3 3.2.0-3 the packager told you to wait for, just landed in Arch and is also available on Manjaro unstable branch. If you need that, simply switch to that branch.

I’d not seen the AUR response (forgot AUR comments don’t send e-mails notifying of replies).

Actually, I would say that at some level the fact that Manjaro and Arch are on different builds does make it marginally “Manjaro specific”.

They do if you Enable notifications under Package Actions. :wink:

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Branches of Manjaro …
Closer to Arch stable is unstable branch of Manjaro. AUR is not supported either by Arch nor by Manjaro, nothing is more specific than that, but not the way you imply :upside_down_face:

Just to confirm that today’s update to wxwidgets-gtk3 fixes the issues.

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