What happened to the wxmaxima package?

After some recent update, I noticed, that my wxmaxima program did no longer start. Problem was as described in this issue: “Official version of wxMaxima will not start” (sorry, ← this should have been a link, but I don’t seem to be allowed to add links :frowning: ), but I do not have AUR-packages installed. I then uninstalled the wxmaxima package to try a fresh, clean reinstall, but only to find, that the package does no longer seem to be in the repos (stable branch).
Is that so? Or do I have another problem, that I cannot see the package anymore (neither via pacman, nor via pamac). - I can still install and run maxima and xmaxima, but not wxmaxima, which I would actually prefer.

Hi @cIdde, and welcome!

I think it’s part of:

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I’ve currently solved it by using an AppImage of wxmaxima. Works for now, but native system package would be nicer, of course.